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I channel because I LOVE the way it feels. When I am receiving and translating non-physical energy it's like an exquisite tune-up! Each time I connect I am infused with love and my energy and consciousness, expanded. As a result of channeling, I know the perfection of who I am. My capacity to be myself fully and freely, is profoundly empowered.


Council of Radiant Light

The Council of Radiant Light is a collective of non-physical beings who share perspectives that support self-empowerment, understanding who we truly are and finding our way to unconditional joy and authentic self-expression. They celebrate the amplification of energies in form, and transmit knowledge of innate creativity; the divine axis of light, or power, purely realized.

I am an embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light and a conscious translator of these energies. 

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is an amazingly influential, prolific field of consciousness. The key concept of Michael is light. When I channel this expanded field, I experience a brilliant clarity, an exceptional sense of humor and tremendous love and support. Michael is always there and always willing to assist. 

Michael is strongly affiliated with Earth and our Sun, and emanates into our world with an intention that our sovereignty and freedom may be experienced directly, thereby empowering divine expression.

Many people think of Archangel Michael with ideas of protection. My interpretation when I invite clarity from Michael is that the way in which we "protect" ourselves is achieved by the way we emanate energy. Law of Attraction brings us experience resonant with our active vibrations. Michael's affinity with light can assist in clarifying our consciousness and thus our energy, this is how we "protect" ourselves; by intentionally creating our energy clearly, coherently and in an elevated vibration such that we shape our life experiences more and more to our preferences.

There is tremendous strength and power in the field of Michael which makes sense since light is another word for will or power. Archangel Michael is decisively engaged with life on Earth and works with many people who channel. Each version of that partnership will reflect the unique connection of Michael that can be received/is resonant with the person who translates the energy, the channeler. The messages I receive in this collaboration are always unconditionally loving, reminding us of the Oneness that is, perpetually encouraging us to choose joy, live sovereignly and discover how free and powerful we truly are. An awesome ally and friend.

The Galactic Dragons

Recently a participant in one of the Conscious Evolution programs asked the following in a live, channeled Q&A: Just for fun and for my curiosity bone: who are these Galactic Dragons? What can I know about them, how might I notice their presence?

Here is an excerpt of the channeled response:

We are the Galactic Dragons and we say a big hello to you who have invited us to speak. We are happy to be with you and love participating in these co-creations! We are a field of energy associated with power and change. We love to amplify frequencies and we love to help you to know your power no matter where you are focused. We are light-beings, meaning we are associated with the use of will, in your world. We have affinity with those who are light-beings - Michael, Ailia, and thus our connections here.

Our presence to you might feel like swagger. Or boldness. Boldness with joy! Boldness with childlike enthusiasm> Eagerness. Passionate play. Passionate and fully present experimentation and enthusiasm. These are ways of conjuring up a feel for what we feel like.

We are here with you and with Ailia as part of a collective field focused upon supporting the reclaiming of LIGHT in embodiment. Many beings are interested in and co-create with life on Earth as allowed to by Earth’s participants because there is so much expansion and expression happening here.

Human beings long to feel powerful. Human beings also at times fear their own power. People often are ambivalent about power. We are here to remind you that power, like money, like so many things, like everything in fact, is neutral. There are no wrong choices, there is just what you feel inspired toward and your ability to line up with that and flow.

POWER COMES FROM FLOW. The ability to expand your flow is our energy in essence. We work with Ailia and other destroyer force angelic energies that are creating space for light to flow so that you might know you can flow light and feel the spaciousness mentally, in relationship to your life, to allow yourself to express and create in new ways.

When you call upon us, invite a feeling of exhilaration. That rising energy of the upward spiral is something in embodiment that you feel that is very similar to our energy. We are ascending energy, rising energy and when you invoke us with joy, we can lift you up and help you have more fun, amplify your confidence and share with you, in your creative expression. That is our joy.


Over the years I've channeled Hermes now and then, but rarely. Recently I've reconnected with that field of consciousness in a very new way. My experience of Hermes is as a lover of wisdom, an energy that illuminates and shares with tremendous and concise clarity. Many lovers of esoteric wisdom have heard of Hermes Trismegistus, thought to be an ancient spiritual teacher of the Hermetic principles. My understanding from Hermes, is that Hermes Trismegistus is an aspect Hermes that has been reabsorbed into the non-physical wholeness; a tiny spark, much like you and I are sparks of our own divine wholeness. 

I am still getting to know the consciousness expressing as Hermes, and excited about the collaborations we are having and this new energy in my work. 

About channeling

Channeling is a natural activity, which we all do. we channel our own non-physical life force. Most of the time we're not consciously channeling, nor attempting to connect and flow other non-physical entities/energies besides our own wholeness. Learning to channel consciously is a path of increased sovereignty and clarity. Conscious channeling is the ability to connect reliably and clearly with non-physical fields of consciousness and communicate, translating the communication into symbolic forms (i.e. words) that can then be shared or experienced by others. It's wonderful to be able get reliably, relevant insight and guidance from your own vaster wholeness. I teach Conscious Channeling and support those wanting to build a channeling practice. I also mentor those who already channel and wish to become more skillful and confident in their channeling. You can integrate or combine the avenues of coaching, teaching, healing, or creative work, with Conscious Channeling - this can be very powerful and enriching! I am available to select individuals to develop professional offerings based on this kind of approach to their work. If you're interested, please email me.