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You've successfully purchased Conscious Evolution: True Expression - with Archangel Michael, Akyraiel & the Council of Radiant Light

This program begins now.

Tonight as you sleep you will be attuned to work directly with our non-physical team. This attunement is focused on Cosmic Balance - harmonizing your axis from embodiment to the fullness of your being.

Pause now and express your willingness to participate. This attunement can only be given with your permission.

Once that is complete, you need do nothing further! This gentle energy work will take place tonight while you sleep. You might pause upon waking and feel for any shifts in your subtle energy or consciousness and enjoy the beginning of this co-creative experience!

CONFIRMATION & PROGRAM DETAILS: You will receive all of this in an email from us on the next business day. If you’ve signed up on a weekend - look for this on Monday.

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If you’ve purchased a Private Session (or two), I will email you separately to give you access to my calendar so you can arrange your appointment(s). We’ll open up for scheduling during the second week of the program.

Questions now, or at any time? Please reach out so we may help:

So happy to share in this with you!