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Yay! You’re IN!

This confirms that you've successfully enrolled in the 2019 Conscious Channeling Program! I am so pleased you'll be part of this circle!

Take a moment and feel the possibilities you’ve just opened up. (Smile.) As I am writing this…

Archangel Michael says,

” We are aware of you and your decision to open to higher levels of awareness and well-being.

We celebrate this choice and welcome you into this new stream of awareness and unfolding experience.”

Woo-hoo!! I encourage you to expect wonderful things from this choice!

If you want to do something to begin, choose to BE WILLING TO RECEIVE MORE … to be free, open, and curious.

We are so happy to welcome you into the adventure of joyous unfolding that lies ahead for you, now!

Here’s what happens next:

1) Please check the email inbox associated with your PayPal email account for your PayPal receipt. If for any reason you want to use a different email than that one for the program, that is fine - just please email us (support@expectwonderful.com) with that information.

2) Look for an official Expect Wonderful Welcome & receipt within 24 hours.

NOTE: All email will come from: Ailia@ExpectWonderful.com

Please be sure to add this email as well as Support@ExpectWonderful.com to your address book. Thanks!