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Everything we experience in this world, like our lives, happens first in consciousness.


Underlying all that we experience are Universal Principles. We can become skillful in understanding who we truly are and how it all works here and learning how to live that way changes everything. 

Living as the real you, rocks. It shifts you out of shame, self-doubt, and powerlessness and into a sense of self that is powerful, capable and free.
— Ailia Mira

We all have the option to uncover and learn how to collaborate consciously, using these Universal Principles. The principles simply are. They're neutral and intrinsic to our experience. Whether we know how to use them, or not, we are still creating our experience, with our focus, our thoughts, our point of view and the energy that we're flowing in every moment of our lives.

Many people are familiar with this idea - that you create your reality. Without a complete understanding of the principles and how to live them, the ideas fall flat, and frustration can ensue. Anger, a sense of powerlessness, and doubt can be your feelings, and a skeptical viewpoint about ideas like this can develop.

Most of us have a profound sense of recognition when we first encounter these principles like suddenly it all makes sense. We often end up returning to them over and over again hoping to find a way they'll finally open up and work for us.

Expect Wonderful exists to share practical tools, guidance, ideas, and support for learning how to do this. Our mission is to assist you in reconnecting to who you truly are, expanding your capacities and living your truth.

You are innately powerful, connected, supported and loved.



intro to vibrational living

Explore what works with ease.

Discover how to make the most of life. Get a clear explanation of the fundamentals of how it works, here, on Earth.

Who you truly are, what that means, how your soul participates in your embodiment, how to live empowered by your eternal capacities and benefit from the innate Oneness of life in real and grounded ways. Learn how to live as a vibrational being.

It's how everything already works anyway. Why not learn how?

A workshop to jumpstart, well, everything!
Coming in 2018.


Empowered mindset secrets

Your mindset is what you emanate. It sets the standards for what shows up in your life.

Want a life in which you feel liberated, powerful, free, rich, creative, loved, connected, or whatever? Meaning successful, as you would define that? Create the mindset that unleashes that version of you.

Feel the difference as you become the you that is experiencing the life you want. Feel the liberation of believing and thinking like the person you'd like to become, the version of you that calls to you.

Empower your mindset and watch the world around you show up in radically new and better ways.

solopreneur life

Your days are your own. You do what you love, with a flow that suits you and you feel fulfilled and happy. You dynamically design the way you're participating in life such that your most natural and beloved ways of being also become a conduit for the financial abundance you desire to experience in your life.

It's simpler than you might imagine, and way, way, way fun to live (and create your work) like this.

My work feels like this. I mentor and teach others to do the same, using approaches that have awesome leverage. It's a blast! Get resources, tools and invitations to events and programs that empower you as an abundant, authentic entrepreneur.



Experience ongoing practice in living as a conscious creator, using energy and freedom of focus to shape your life.

Ask questions and learn. Build your capacity to create what you want. Soar Fest Programs happen almost every month on a broad variety of topics. A powerful and fun way to feel the power of your capacity to create what you want, starting right here, right now. Check it out!

I love this program. The Soar Fest triggered and facilitated some major shifts in the way I perceive my life experience and the leading role I play in it. I could not praise this program more. Highly recommended!
— Thomas White, UK