Hello, Dear Friend,

There is nothing more beautiful that we could offer to you in focus, than experiencing more of your capacity for unconditional joy. 

You live in a realm in which the translation of vibration into experience is so rich!! How you feel can be so amazing! What you see, taste, touch, hear and know, thrilling. Your lives are so powerful and so full of possibilities. And the thing that empowers the greatest expression of the life that is you? Reclaiming your capacity for unconditional deliberate creation of your presence and we say further - your capacity for unconditional joy.

We invite you to take this to heart. We invite you to consider that your own joy might in fact, matter more than anything else you do. We invite you to realize that joy, is clarity. Joy is alignment. Joy is wholeness Joy is you - here - in presence, coherently and with expanded flow. Joy is a feeling that you can recognize as an indicator of inner harmony, you can feel for what gives you joy as a way of navigating your experience - and do so feeling really good about yourself!

When you allow yourselves to choose joy and even more - when you allow your joy to be unconditional, you discover who you truly are.

You are LIFE. Life with a capital, “L.” In unconditional joy, you allow Life - the absolute vastness - and you, embodied here, to be in resonance. You choose inner harmony. You orient and focus in ways that allow you to be in conscious connection and flow.

In cultivating, choosing, creating, and experiencing unconditional joy - you allow more Life.

Discovering and strengthening your capacity for unconditional joy is the most exquisite way to know your embodiment and we invite you to begin this year, making real in your day to day life, your power for expansive, radiant joy.

You might do this because in this state you allow what you've intended to come forth into your experience. You might do this because when you do, you feel really really good. You might do this to improve your physical well being, to allow more money, to feel better about yourself, to feel clearer, more in-sycn with life, to see things go your way more, to experience more ease.

All of these things will happen when you choose and cultivate unconditional joy, more often. But the most important thing? You feeling your power. You have power here in form and focus that you've not yet really learned to believe in. 

We suggest that you start this year, discovering how powerful you really are and you do this, with a focus on unconditional joy and with a series of transmissions from the infinite eternalness that you are to the embodied you here; a multidimensional cosmic soiree that can lift you up and remind you of the glory of being you!

Join us, for this new Soar Fest. Participate in transmission that support ways of being and patterns of thought that you can use to repeatedly return to expanded unity with all that you are. This is possible here and now. This is possible in ways that far exceed anything you've yet experienced in life regardless of anything you might currently have going on in terms of circumstances, relationships, situations .... and regardless of what is happening in the world around you. May we remind you - these are temporary, aspect of experience, and you beloved are ETERNAL. You beloved, are Eternal Life.

This year, begin the new year claiming the power that is yours: reclaiming unconditional joy and setting yourself off on a momentum that allows Life to expand abundantly, through you. Let's light up this new beginning together.

If this speaks to you, we'd love for you to join us!

Archangel Michael with Hermes & the Council of Radiant Light


the Unconditional Joy Fest

A New Soar Fest - Starts Friday, January 19



  • Starts on Friday, January 19
  • Ends on Tuesday, February 6

A Soar Fest is a co-creative experience that takes place via a progressive series of channeled transmissions, referred to as "Daily Messages." Each weekday during the Soar Fest you'll receive a new transmission and we'll also have two live, channeled Q&A Sessions and you can submit your questions to these.

Over a period of about two weeks you'll find your understanding, capacity, energy and feeling states shift. With this, your life starts to manifest differently.  The transmissions build upon one another, both in terms of energy and comprehension.  

They're fun, elevating and inspiring and customized to you!
Learn more about how Soar Fests work, and read reviews.



The Soar Fest is an internet-based program. To participate in a Soar Fest, you'll need to be able to access the internet regularly and be able to listen/stream live audio-only events or download audio files. You'll also need access to your email. You'll receive the details each weekday during the Soar Fest via email.

daily Channeled transmissions

  • A new recording is made available every week day at 12:00 pm PACIFIC TIME
  • Starts on Friday,  January 19
  • Ends on Tuesday, February 6
  • Approximately, 15-20 minutes each day
  • Listen live via the web
  • Download to save/keep audio recording, which come as .mp3 files, of each daily message
  • Two Live Q&A Session (described below)

Live, Channeled Q&A Sessions (also recorded)

  • Friday, January 26 at 12:00 am PACIFIC time
  • Friday, February 2 at 12:00 am PACIFIC time
  • Submit your question for the live channeling
  • Approximately 60 minutes. Includes Q&A time, plus an opening daily message
  • Listen live via the web or play/download the audio recording (available shortly after the event)

Optional: written transcripts

Many people like to deepen their experience by also reading the daily message as a written transcripts.

ALL Registrations at $100 or more receive written transcripts. A newly written transcript of the messages is sent each weekday, starting on Day 3 and continuing each weekday throughout the Soar Fest. At the end of the Soar Fest, you'll receive a beautiful PDF of all the daily messages. 

  • Written transcripts are available of all 13 Daily Messages (11 transmission and any introductory/opening message from the two Q&A Sessions).
  • You can enroll for transcripts and start receiving them on Day 3, or upgrade and add them to your Soar Fest experience anytime during the program.



The pricing is flexible - choose a price >>> that feels fabulous to you!

Suggested Price $155.  Enrollment at $100 or more includes written transcripts. Are you in?

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Count me in - Yes!!!

Once you've completed your payment, please check the email associated with your PayPal account for receipt from PayPal.

Expect a confirmation email with program details within 24 hours.

Questions? EMAIL US: Support@expectwonderful.com


Each Soar Fest is better than the previous one. I’m amazed at how practical the insights and teachings are and how much growth I see in myself over the span of the gathering.
— Corky Anderson, USA