The ALLOWING Soar Fest starts Tuesday, October 3

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  • Starts on Tuesday, October 3
  • Ends on Wednesday, October 18

A Soar Fest is a co-creative experience that takes place via a progressive series of channeled transmissions, referred to as "Daily Messages." Each weekday during the Soar Fest you'll receive a new transmission and we'll also have two live, channeled Q&A Sessions and you can submit your questions to these.

Over a period of about two weeks you'll find your understanding, capacity, energy and feeling states shift. With this, your life starts to manifest differently.  The transmissions build upon one another, both in terms of energy and comprehension.  

They're fun, elevating and inspiring and customized to you!



The pricing is flexible - choose a price >>> that feels fabulous to you!

Suggested Price $155.  Enrollment at $100 or more includes written transcripts. Are you in?

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I'm IN! Enroll me for the ALLOWING Soar Fest!

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Each Soar Fest is better than the previous one. I’m amazed at how practical the insights and teachings are and how much growth I see in myself over the span of the gathering.
— Corky Anderson, USA


The Soar Fest is an internet-based program. To participate in a Soar Fest, you'll need to be able to access the internet regularly and be able to listen/stream live audio-only events or download audio files. You'll also need access to your email. You'll receive the details each weekday during the Soar Fest via email.