Change your experience in a couple of weeks, easily? Yup.

Change the energy you are emanating and watch the world rearrange itself to the new you. 

This, is Soar Fest.


the Truth of Abundance Soar Fest

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Soar Fest programs work from the inside out. By leveraging the energetic reality of life, a Soar Fest attunes you to new states of being, and the world around you adjusts to who you've become. During a Soar Fest program, you develop a different momentum, and that alters how you feel and what manifests in your life. Vibrational leverage? Yesssss!

Soar Fest programs are easy, fun and powerful. Incorporating Law of Attraction teachings and an underlying premise of you being here, as an expression of your eternal consciousness, Soar Fest programs are a profound, simple and powerful way to create an even better life. 

Focused on a particular topic, each Soar Fest program offers a series of short, channeled transmissions delivered over a two-to-three week period. The 15-20 minutes transmissions, which are given on weekdays, are progressive in content and energy. You'll encounter expansive perspectives, new ideas, guidance, and suggested applications. Many Soar Fests also include Q&A Sessions in addition to the weekday short transmissions.

As you participate in a Soar Fest, you shift into a new state of being and elevate your consciousness. You'll tap into more empowered ways of living and often feel an unconditional and tremendous connection and joy. You will find you can live in greater alignment and have more capacity to create and receive, in all areas of life, than ever before. 

These programs will guide you to discover more of your true self and live it in your everyday life.


Practical Details

Weekday Daily Messages 

Each Soar Fest Transmission is 15-20 minutes long. The transmissions are recorded and made available to you via a daily email update. The option of adding written transcripts is also available.  The transmissions build upon one another, in terms of energy and comprehension. You choose how and when you wish to participate.

Internet Based Events and Digital Program Delivery 

To participate you'll need access to the internet, a working email address, a willingness to feel better and expand your capacity! 

Access to all Soar Fest materials comes to you via email updates weekday. You can listen on any devices that can access a webpage. To download and keep Soar Fest recordings for your personal use (included) you'll just need an internet device that allows you to download and save .mp3 files.

Attend how and when works best for you (Optional: Read Transcripts)

You can join the Soar Fest whenever it works best for you to listen to the audio recordings. All participants also may download and keep the audio files for personal use. Some registration levels also include written transcripts. Soar Fest enrollment is offered and multiple price points - you choose what you pay based on what feels best to you when you sign up.

Is This For You?

No matter what is going on for you, or where you're starting from, a Soar Fest can be uplifting and empowering. As the Soar Fest progresses, you'll come to new understandings about how to live as consciousness, and your practical knowledge about how to manifest your desires will also grow. You'll find your capacity to be who you truly are, with ease and joy, becomes real and natural for you. As you feel more capable and understand more how things work, you feel better. As you feel better, your life opens up and starts to flow with more ease.

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A series of transmissions that contain the potential to elevate your perspective and understanding beyond that which you currently live and know. As a frequent flyer, I find the sustained experience feels quite liberating, supportive and empowering.

- Graysee Allin Hempel, USA

Ready to Soar? Join our next Soar Fest: The Truth of Abundance!

thursday, November 9 - friday, november 24

living truth abundance soar fest expect wonderful ailia mira

Abundance is a frequency!

Life is whole, complete, unified and available to you. In abundance you know both the desire and the fulfillment of it.

~ Your Invitation  ~

Hello Dear Friends,

Your abundance is truth and this truth can be known. Naturally. 

Your abundance is why you keep wanting things. The vastness of your being is within you and embraces and experiences all you choose.

You desire something, it's here. You get the idea about something, it's available. That's how it works - everything is inherently whole, all of life exists in wholeness. Only in your life in human form can you create experiences in which you filter out (lack frequency) the experience of that wholeness. Or, tune to the truth of who you are and experience the wholeness. It's up to you.

It matters not if it is money, or love, ideas or customers. It could be that you desire an abundance of shoes, or new ideas. An abundance of fun and playful friends, or of fresh air and free time.

Abundance is your true frequency. It's within you and can be your experience.

You can learn how to tune to to that frequency and that will change how you feel, the action you take, what opportunities you perceive - in essence, what you see in life. It will change what you perceive as possible.

You can shift from a state of lack in which you experience all the reasons why you can't have something, to a plane of experience in which you begin to notice all the reasons you can do something, have something, be something, move into something that you desire. This is a paradigm shift that can be brought about in frequency; in tuning to a new plane of consciousness.

Everything that is, is always present all the time. Your experience of lack, your experience of abundance, they're both part of the experience and you can choose which vibration you experience. You can learn how to cultivate shifts in consciousness and frequency states that bring you into harmony with the truth of your abundance.

You will then expect differently from life and life will deliver. It is law.

What you experience is what you believe will be here for you. What you invest in with your time and energy as what you value, will start can be about what truly matters to you and that too will change what you believe is possible and help you shift out of limiting ideas and patterns of behavior.

We can show you how to change small ways you spend your time and use your focus and share with you energies and thought-forms that express the truth of abundance. By allowing yourself to participate in these transmissions and willingly playing with your state of being, you can tune yourself to the truth of abundance, with ease.

It's natural to have everything you want. Everything you desire is only showing itself to you because it's available and it's a match for you, and it's a way for you to flow the energy of all you are, here. To sustain and further your aliveness.

What you want is a means for you to focus and further your aliveness! It's not something to help you grow, or heal, or get better or challenge you. What you want and your experience of how that plays out are all based on Universal Laws that are entirely reliable and can be understood and lived.

We feel it would be very fun for you to discover more about all this, feeling how to tune to the truth of your abundance, and understanding more about how life works here, so you can be in unconditional joy more and more often, and let more of that beautiful stuff you want, into your experience.

If you feel the same, we'd love for you to join us! 

ARchangel Michael, Hermes, AILIA & the Council of Radiant Light



What would I say about Expect Wonderful Soar Fests? One of the most valuable, current places to BE...
— Kevin Foley, USA


A Soar Fest is a co-creative experience that takes place via a progressive series of channeled transmissions, referred to as "Daily Messages." Each weekday during the Soar Fest you'll receive a new transmission. Over a period of about two weeks you'll find your understanding, capacity, energy and feeling states shift. With this, your life starts to manifest differently.  The transmissions build upon one another, both in terms of energy and comprehension.  They're fun, elevating and inspiring.



12 Channeled transmissions

  • A new recording is made available every week day at 12:00 pm PACIFIC TIME
  • Starts on Thursday, November 9
  • Ends on Friday, November 24
  • Approximately, 15-20 minutes each day
  • Listen live via the web
  • Download to save/keep audio recording, which come as .mp3 files, of each daily message
  • Two Live Q&A Session (described below)

2 Live Q&A Channeled Sessions (also recorded)

  • Thursday, November 16 at 12:00 am PACIFIC time
  • Wednesday, November 22 at 12:00 am PACIFIC time
  • Submit your question for the live channeling
  • Approximately 60 minutes. Includes Q&A time, plus an opening daily message
  • Listen live via the web or play/download the audio recording (available shortly after the event)

Optional: written transcripts

  • Written transcripts are available of all10 Daily Messages and the Intro Message from each Q&A Session
  • You can enroll for transcripts and start receiving them on Day 3, or upgrade your enrollment at any time during the Soar Fest.



Real tools for growth no matter where one is at.



  • Your mindset and your vibration will elevate. Gradually you'll be attuned to higher frequencies within your own consciousness, thereby growing your capacity to feel and be more clear and empowered in creating your life on purpose.
  • An expanded feeling of self-trust and familiarity in creating with your vaster, non-physical wholeness.
  • You'll feel a diminishment of 3rd and 4th-dimensional patterns of limitation, lack, and fear. You'll find yourself living, more often, in higher consciousness and know how to sustain this for longer periods of time.
  • You'll get clearer about how to practically live and create from a 5th dimensional/unity consciousness perspective. 
  • You'll feel lighter, happier like things make more sense and life feels easier, and possibilities seem opened up for you.
  • In the Channeled Q&A Sessions you'll see practical, grounded applications of the transmissions. 


Many people like to deepen their experience by also reading the daily message as a written transcripts.

ALL Registrations at $100 or more receive written transcripts. A newly written transcript of the messages is sent each weekday, starting on Day 3 and continuing each weekday throughout the Soar Fest. At the end of the Soar Fest, you'll receive a beautiful PDF of all 12 daily messages. 


The pricing is flexible - choose a price >>> that feels fabulous to you!

Suggested Price $155.  Enrollment at $100 or more includes written transcripts. Are you in?

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Count me in!

Once you've completed your payment, please check the email associated with your PayPal account for a receipt from PayPal.

A confirmation email with program details will also follow within the next 24 hours.

Questions? EMAIL US:

The Soar Fest is an internet-based program. To participate in a Soar Fest, you'll need to be able to access the internet regularly and be able to listen/stream live audio-only events or download audio files. You'll also need access to your email. You'll receive the details each weekday during the Soar Fest via email. 

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Great stuff! Eternal truths put into very helpful and practical exercises. Very clear instructions for a happy life.