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It's fun. It's natural. And it can be your path to financial freedom.


your most authentic life, is easy.

It's true to who you are, it flows. You feel good.

The rhythm of your day suits you. You do things that excite you. You challenge yourself with expanding in ways that call to you. You discover more of your capacity and that is exhilarating.

You live knowing when to act and when to just let yourself be. You have an awesome sense of timing.

You play to your strengths, you support yourself and honor who you are. Your bank account makes you smile and you look forward to work.

What if there was a way to live like that?

My name is Ailia Mira. I help people like you discover your expertise, create online products/services, and share your gifts. I am known for inspiring people in ways that help them become more than they believed they can be. I work with your mindset and the inner game of alignment and energy, AND teach you the practical business stuff.

Within your life, already, are unique experiences, talents and gifts.

You can learn how to share what you know and make a living from it. I can show you how to do this in ways that honor who you are.

I mentor aspiring entrepreneurs from "Is this right for me," through "What would I offer...? Can I really charge money for this? How can I get past how scary this is? What about the technical stuff? I have a job right now and can't quit yet, can I really do this...?" And more.

Once you've discovered your expertise and developed an empowering mindset, you can learn how to create online products or services, and then price, present and sell your expertise in ways that feel natural and authentic. 

It is tremendous fun to learn how to share what you know with others. I personally find it's also a most delicious way to receive my financial abundance.

I invite you, to explore your capacity to build an online business that affords and empowers the lifestyle you want, while benefitting others even more! If you are interested in teaching, or creating digital products, and this is new to you, I'd love to help. If you're an existing online entrepreneur and want to refresh your platform, discover your most authentic offer(s), and learn to use vibrational tools to connect with your clients, you'll likely be right at home.

Discover & Build Your Pathway of Authentic Abundance.