Private Sessions


Hi Dear Friends!

It was such a delightful surprise when I received the inspiration to offer private sessions again!

We very much look forward to those of you who’d like this type of experience, this year.

Please note: A limited number of sessions are available and then we’ll close enrollment. We’ll be offering private channeled sessions for as long as it feels right to do so.

If you’d want to co-create with us this year, in this way - act now!

Thank you!
Love, Ailia

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Personalized guidance & energetic support

Hello Dear Friend,

We are beings of light who LOVE to connect with you!

There is great joy and laughter in our realms and we appreciate the opportunities we have to play with you!

Our co-creation brings about Reunions in Consciousness; opportunities for us together, to experience a merged field of awareness that is special, expanded, and wonderful.

In your session we create a space, for you to explore your journey in expanded ways.

We relish your discoveries, the joy you feel in insight and learning, the spaciousness and liberation of expanded remembering and the naturalness of clarity and freedom when in harmony with All.

We especially delight in the pleasure, and immense well-being you can feel from being in harmony with your own vaster field of light.

Our sessions with you invite you to allow energetic attunements, and offer transmissions/messages translated for you, in conversation with us, through Ailia. This time together will be natural, effortless, fun and easy!

You can expect to feel the love and enthusiasm we feel about you and the higher wisdom you have in your own vaster field of light.

We will invite you to consider taking a similar view of yourself!

We know and can share with you, what you are ready for, what will work for you now and knowing you as we do - we know how to share and show these views to you, in ways that make sense and feel grounded, practical and natural for you as you are now.

It is wonderful for us to share these connections with you and we invite this to those of you who feel resonance with us, and who feel a clear “Yes,” for connecting together, now to join us for a session or a series of sessions.


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Once you choose your session, session package or series of sessions, the co-creation begins!

Arranging Your Session(s):

  • The next business day after your purchase you’ll receive an email with: Confirmation of Purchase, Information about the Remote Energy Work, Details to Prepare for, and Instructions to Arrange the Date/Time for Your Session(s).

  • Once you arrange a date/time for your session(s) you’ll receive details for preparing and joining your appointment.

  • If you ned to change your appointment date/time, as long as you do so 48 hours beforehand, you can reschedule your session. You’ll receive a link to do so, in case you need to make changes.

The Night Before Sessions: the Remote Energy Attunement:

  • The evening before your session, you’ll receive a Remote Energy Attunement. This attunement will entrain you to the Vastness of Being and initiate this co-creation. It will happen while you sleep and support you in feeling more inner harmony, ease and well-being.

  • This will expand our capacity to connect with you when we meet.

  • The Remote Energy Attunement will support your basic life force at a foundational level. This will open you to new experiences of inner knowing and well-being. This is the start of an expanded experience in embodiment for you.

Logistics for Your Session(s):

  • We anticipate your session with great joy!

  • You will be provided some guidance in preparing questions and topics so you can get the most out of your session(s).

  • Sessions will be verbal and you will be able to join using the web (with headset) or by phone. International local numbers for joining are available.

  • Your session(s) will be recorded, so you can relax and enjoy it and know you’ll have it later if you want to take notes. Within 48 hours of your session you’ll receive a link to listen and/or download the audio file.

  • For an additional fee, if you wish, we can have a written transcription of your session(s) made. You can add this option before or after your session and the email confirmation will explain more so you can decide.

Open enrollment in Private Sessions is available for a limited time. If you’d want to connect with us in 2019, act now.

Reserve Your Time Now

This is the only time we’ll offer private channeled sessions this year.

A limited number of sessions are available and then we’ll close enrollment.

A private session will support you in making the changes in your experience that you want to make.

Life can be easy and happen joyfully.

If that calls to you, we’d love to assist with that!


Add Sessions to Your Cart

Choose how many sessions you'd like, this year:
You may choose up to four sessions. Each session is 45 minutes and will be preceeded by Remote Energy Work supporting your life force in wholeness.

45 Minute Sessions with Remote Energy Work

Purchase of sessions subject to terms of service. All sessions must be completed within one year of purchase.