Reclaim the Power of Wholeness

Introducing, a New Foundation for Living

Life comes about based on three choices we make: who we think we are, our choice of framework and how we evaluate our experience. These choices are often made unconsciously, assimilated through experience. And most answers to these questions are limiting.

We invite you to join us for a landmark experience of creating a new foundation for your life, as you remember and reclaim your innate capacity to shift these three areas of life, beyond belief, into truth; the realm of wholeness (also known as: Unity Consciousness, 5th Dimensional Frequency, Oneness, Non-Dual Reality, etc.)

Your ability to live wholeness and experience the coherence and well-being of this state, is available to you. No matter where you find yourself now, the experience of wholeness is accessible within you and it's yours to reclaim.

The New Foundation we'll share is a pathways to shift frequency states, not transform what is, into something else. It does not require healing, fixing, saving, or earning your way there. It does not require you to overcome past lives, or previous experiences. It's your true state and it's available to you, now, when your consciousness tunes to specific frequencies. Thought-forms, that express this state function as attunements and are part of how we'll be showing you how accessible this vaster experience of the real you, is.

The experience of acclimating to wholeness will feel delicious to you, natural and right. We'll offer to you clear transmissions tuning you to your eternal identity, and outlining perspectives you might consider as a way of knowing life's purpose and interpreting reality based on wholeness.

Then we'll share practical guidance for establishing these new reference points as your foundation in life and living from a direct inner knowing of truth, that is beyond belief.

This way of living is reliable, magical, joyful and fun. Over the course of this program you will find your innate capacities for living well open, expand and clarify. We offer this as a pathway for you to shift, so you can live in Higher Consciousness more often, with understanding and know-how.

You will find that the unified experience of you, co-creating with your own wholeness, is where it's at. The One and Only Source of All. In making these shifts, you empower wholeness and re-discover here, the joy of being you, fully and freely.

We are so happy to share this with you. If you feel ready for this, we thank you for calling this into being and invite you to come and play.

Requirements: Participate willingly and dare to explore new ways of thinking and being. Pay attention to your experience and notice what works for you and do it.

Do this? You are going to have a blast. This is going to be a fun, life-changing experience where you discover that the way you want to feel is far more accessible to you than you've been thinking and as life rearranges itself to reflect your new energy field, you'll enjoy different experiences unfolding as your life ascends.



We begin our experience celebrating the truth of your being. We offer to you guided experiences that you can use to reconnect with who you truly are and expand and refine your identity.

Then we explore the implications of your identity and invite you to consider what is now obsolete and can be allowed to fade out, as you step into a new experience of knowing yourself as whole, complete, fully resourced and fulfilled.

We offer experiences and suggestions for you to use to integrate this shift.



The purpose of embodiment will feel different to different people at different times. What is often not understood is that the perspective of purpose reflects dimensional presence; your frequency will determine how you think about your life and what you're doing here - how you think life works and what it's all about.

In wholeness, there is a sense of purpose that is far different than what most people look for or live by. We offer to you, transmissions to help you remember and tap into the actual framework of your embodiment, your life, from a frequency of wholeness.

Then we will provide activities and suggested ways to apply your new understanding to re-think your life and the beliefs and values you live by, which leads us to... evaluating life.



Everything you experience is a function of perception. Perception is an experience of translating vibrational reality into meaningful thought-forms. Perception occurs through the filters of beliefs and frequency.

For most people beliefs are assimilated and so your filters for life and interpreting reality are limited by what you've learned from others growing up and in collective reality. What you think matters comes from all this and it's what you give your attention to, over and over and over.

There is a context for relating to life that is beyond beliefs and accessible to you, in wholeness. It is a Sovereign way of orienting, translating and understanding life that liberates your innate freedom and makes clear how you create experiences.

We offer to you a clear explanation of this context, attunements to assist you in experiencing it and practical approaches for living your life, on a daily basis, flowing into action, that is aligned and expresses the truth of your being.




2019 Dates - TBA

The first offering of this program WAs limited to a pilot-group
in 2019, we’ll be teaching this again - LIVE - and opening up enrollment to a wider circle!




The program takes place over 6 weeks, via 4 guided sessions, channeled live, on Saturday mornings with time for integration, application, questions and expansion. Each live session will be approximately two hours long.

All events are recorded. Within 24 hours of the event you'll receive links to the event recording and materials with suggested activities and focus for the coming week.

You can join the program live, or listen to the recording later.

Live Event Dates: 2019 Dates TBA

  • Saturday, TBA

  • Saturday, TBA

  • Saturday, TBA

  • Saturday, TBA

Each event takes place from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm pacific time. 

All live events will be recorded and the audio files available for listening and download, within 24 hours of the event. You can join the program live, or listen to the recording later.


There will an opportunity for Q&A corresponding to each of the three shifts we explore. Selected questions (as chosen by our non-physical friends) will be answered, and the responses/questions made available to everyone in the program.

Materials to Keep

Everything in this program is yours to keep for your personal use. 




If you'd like to join, you'll be agreeing to:

  • Take full responsibility for your own well-being;

  • Commit to doing the activities, listening to the events and/or join live;

  • Share feedback along the way when asked and when inspired;

  • Complete a survey at the end that will help you internalize the shifts and realizations you’ve created and help us know more about how to best support you.

This is an internet-based program and you'll need access to a reliable email address. All materials, links to join live events or download audio recordings as well as Q&A materials, will be sent to you via email.

The live events will be hosted on our Teleseminar line and you'll need internet such that you can stream live audio, in order to listen live, or be able to download the audio file afterward if you choose to participate via the recording.

All participants will be able to download and keep all the materials from the program, for your personal use.

If that works for you we’d love to co-create with you!

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The easiest way to diminish your frequency is to treat fear as real and worthy of your attention.

As a bonus segment, you'll receive a guided meditation that can be used shift your relationship to fear. 

Practicing with this meditation will create new patterns in your mindset that once established will arise naturally for you, when fear is triggered; offering you different pathways in that experience, ones based on perspectives of wholeness.


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