About Me

for starters: I KNOW WHO I REALLY AM

I am an extension of vast, non-physical energy. An extension of that which we think of All. This isn't conceptual for me, it's direct knowing that can be applied in context, in my life. I know who I am and I never forget this when I came into this body.  #empowering



I know that only I create my life. I am sovereign, free, perfect, whole, and immensely powerful.

I have direct access to All and thus, access to truth. I can allow absolute clarity, about anything. I know what I need to do, when I need to do it. I have what I need, before I need it. I am supported.

I know that I am immensely loved, appreciated, celebrated and joined in this Life by All that is. I have company. Always. I'm never alone, in fact, it's impossible to go it alone and I know that.

I'm conscious of my source, who I am, how it works here and can communicate clearly with the non-physical vastness of my being.



I know we are pure, perfect, lacking nothing. Our lives are expressions of us, not who we are. They don't change us, or define us. There is only now and the momentum we create by what we treat as real and important.

I know there are no bad choices, no such thing as right and wrong. Rules and beliefs are optional. I know that I create my reality sovereignly and so, I am not threatened, upset or concerned by anything anyone else chooses. I feel, profoundly, the immense well-being of LIFE! Of All-That Is. I know this as real and I respect and honor that we're all free here. Even if we use that freedom to feel limited. That's an experience of expansion too. 

I know we are All One; expressions of a wholeness that extends into many specific and distinct forms for the purpose of expansion in expression and arising from a unified, singular Source. I know there's no agenda for being here, nothing to learn, fix, make up for, accomplish, etcetera.

We're free here, to choose how we think and feel and therefore, what we create.

Who we think we are, informs what we think is possible and how we understand Life, informs how we think Life works.

We can choose to center our lives in doing what we love, exploring what calls to us, sharing and expressing what we are inspired to share and express - doing and being in way that feel best - and enjoy immense well-being and financial abundance, loving relationships and friendships, beauty and wonder, without limits!

We are free to un-hook what we create from what we do. (Ponder that for a moment!)

I know that there is nothing broken in anyone or in this amazing planet - nothing that needs to be healed, fixed or saved. I know those as 4th dimensional experiences created from a lens of separation. We are free here to choose those experiences if we want. No big deal. But we have other options, too.


We want you to know:

It is enough to want to live a happy, wonderful life.

You are enough! You are enough before you do a single thing and all the things you do chose to be, do, have, express - are simply that - expressions of you. You are endlessly, eternally whole and significant. No matter how you want to live, how it's going right now, or what anyone else (or even you) think about you!

You came here without specific goals, knowing you were connected inviolably to All that you are and One with All that is. You knew you would come here and the menu would be vast and delicious. Can you imagine you would embody and not want to taste of that abundance? Ha ha ha! We think not :)

You are free to choose to embrace what you want and learn how to allow that. We highly recommend living your life that way, because it's fun and so liberating! 

We are here, to inspire, support, and remind you of your innate capacity, your freedom, your power, and how it all works here, so you can thrive. Because thriving is fun. 

Choose fun. Choose feeling good. Make the outrageous and entirely natural decision to care about how you feel and honor your innate desire to feel happy and free!


If you are here, perhaps the time is right to focus more on all of this?

You can create your world as you want it to be. Many people sense the truth in this but struggle with the practical application of it in their experience. That can change anytime you're willing to allow and experiment with new ways of thinking and living. 

The most important thing for you to know about me is that my life works. What I mean by that is I am happy pretty much all the time, have plenty of what I love, and in general I pretty much do only what I feel like doing.

I've found my groove and I can show you how to do the same thing in your life. The ability to create a self-defined life of beauty, freedom, abundance and fulfillment is yours to claim.

Only you can and do create your reality.

We can show you how and support you, but the power lies within you.

We can show you how to reclaim your true capacity. You are already creating your experience and if you discover how you're doing it already, you can make adjustments and get more of what you want. (FUN!)

We offer pathways, programs, inspiration, support and community experiences so you can rediscover who you truly are, reclaim your innate capacities and use them to create a life you love. 

Interested? Join us.  

As we remind you of who you truly are, and the way life works on Earth, you will find yourself becoming more capable of allowing and enjoying the life you desire. Thriving can be reliable, real and continually expanding as your experience.

We do this because it's fun and it's who we are. This is our joy. We invite you to use a similar criteria for your own life - rediscover the real you and base your life on that. 

It is with tremendous enthusiasm and powerful expectation that we offer these experiences and invite you to know life the way you meant to know it when you came here.

With love,

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Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light


Thank you for taking the time to connect.

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A bit More about me.

On a personal note, I live in Pasadena, California a vibrant city north of Los Angeles in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. I love the weather here in Southern California and the fact that I can be outside in the sun, year round.


Los Angeles is an amazing city. Diverse, creative and with a pervasive current of project based work, experimentation, reinvention and openness to new ideas. It's a great fit for me. 

This is Lily, my Border Collie. :) Yes - she's as sweet as she looks, and an amazing friend. She also often barks during live events. Oy. I also share my home with two Siamese cats, Oberon & Sofie. I love fresh air, stories (both reading and watching), big trees, flowers and long walks with views of the sky. For more on how I live you can follow me on Instagram if you wish.

As an online solopreneur (a person who runs a business themselves), I create my work from home. I love the lifestyle and the amazing people I've met and serve. If this kind of life calls to you, I also teach a program which guides you in identifying your gifts and talents and learning how to share them as work. It's called Authentic Abundance and it's great fun.

I view all of my life as art, as expression of me. Each day I am shaping things, tuning things, adding things, arranging things, editing... all so my life and the spaces for me to express, feel harmonious and beautiful to me. Doing this gives me exquisite pleasure and joy. #itsallaboutthefun #anditworks #tryit <3



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