My name is Ailia Mira. I am a writer, artist, conscious channel* and solopreneur. I'm  exploring the ways of living that are in alignment with who I truly am. In addition to living this way myself, I am also an experienced coach, facilitator, teacher and guide. 

I love creating and facilitating experiences that support and inspire thriving, expanded capacity.

We can experience prolific, fluid, expansive states of creativity...radiant realness and clarity. In a centered state of presence, we can shape the forms, containers, spaces we flow our life into,  as ever-changing vehicles for Life itself, expressing fully here, through us.

When we cultivate alignment and flow, we experience deep satisfaction, meaning, fulfillment, well-being, vitality, financial abundance, unconditional joy, prolific creativity and a spacious sense of belonging.  We can choose to center in the truth of our wholeness, the wholeness of Life. This way of life is in a sense, simply being who we are - clearly, fully, freely. It sound simple, but in truth it's not.

Why? Because living this way requires things of us. First and foremost living the truth of who we means giving our allegiance to aligning with wholeness. Being unwilling to continue thinking of ourselves as lacking, unworthy, powerless and instead considering that these ideas although common, are optional.

We can choose, instead, to discover our inherent connection to All That Is and honor ourselves - as expressions of Life itself.  When we orient to this idea of who we are our ways of being shift. We are easier with ourselves, kinder, warmer, more encouraging and gentle. We value being in touch with what's going on inside us; we pay attention. We take time and learn how to tune into who we are in the present and what's arising within us.

We also learn how to create what calls to us, what is arising within us as natural momentum. We learn to tell the difference between our own natural momentum and feelings of lack and limitation. We learn to allow ourselves to express who we truly are. We cultivate a feeling of connection and act on it with bold enthusiasm and a sense of playfulness.

We can choose to learn how to live our lives in a state of inner harmony, increasing our capacity to be here in ways that feel exciting, vibrant and true.

Living in this way requires a willingness to learn and grow, to redefine, reshape and reinvent. A willingness to change. Repeatedly.

This orientation to the Oneness of Life (and the primacy of consciousness) is not religious, although it will sync up nicely with many different spiritual approaches to life. It's a practical, direct, natural way of knowing Life and living from your reliable, ever present, inner connection to All That Is. Living a life of joyful expansion and expression. It's amazing, exhilarating, liberating and it works. 

There is a vastness that is you, that has a natural momentum to express here, expand here and fulfill you! 

You can learn to live here in conscious relationship with the energy that is All. Cooperating.  Letting your life become all you sense it could be. And MORE. It's a subtle, inner-focused ways to live that is amazingly wide open and free and fully supported.

If this speaks to you, then please join us!

We have a global, long-standing audience that co-create together month after month. Our work provides space and proven pathways to discover and develop your inner connection with All That Is and learn to live in accord with who you truly are.

These experiences are fun, innovative, gentle and practical. Tap into new approaches, ideas, resources and tools. Connect with a global community of kindred, leading edge adventurers and give and receive support. Empower your authentic expression!

Everything shared here is focused on acknowledging the Oneness that is, and learning to live wholeness. As we remind you of who you truly are, and the way life works on Earth, we all become more capable of soaring. Thriving can be reliable, real and continually expanding as your experience. We do this because it's fun and it's who we are. This is our joy. We invite you to use a similar criteria for your own life - rediscover the real you and base your life on that. 

It is with tremendous enthusiasm and powerful expectation that we offer these experiences and invite you to know life the way you meant to know it when you came here.

With love,

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On a personal note, I live in Pasadena, California a vibrant city north of Los Angeles in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. I love the weather here in Southern California and the fact that I can be outside in the sun, year round.

Los Angeles is an amazing city. Diverse, creative and with a pervasive current of project based work, experimentation, reinvention and openness to new ideas. It's a great fit for me. 

This is Lily, my Border Collie. :) Yes - she's as sweet as she looks, and an amazing friend. She also often barks during live events. Oy. I also share my home with two Siamese cats, Oberon & Sofie. I love fresh air, stories (both reading and watching), big trees, flowers and long walks with views of the sky.

As an online solopreneur (a person who runs a business themselves), I create my work from home. I love the lifestyle and the amazing people I've met and serve. If this kind of life calls to you, I also teach a program which guides you in identifying your gifts and talents and learning how to share them as work. It's called Authentic Abundance and it's great fun.

I view all of my life as art, as expression of me. Each day I am shaping things, tuning things, adding things, arranging things, editing... all so my life and the spaces for me to express feel harmonious and beautiful to me. Doing this gives me exquisite pleasure.


Detail of a drawing.

Detail of a drawing.

What I most want you to know?


It's an awesome feeling and it really can be your life. An everyday thing, feeling that way - feeling that you're in your element. Your life can be all about you, and what you love. The people you love. The places you love to be. The way you love feeling. The way you want your environment to look, the things you want to have, the experiences you want to experience, the insights and understanding you crave, the ways of being that give you joy.

You can unleash all of those things from transactional ideas of how they come about, meaning you don't have to "do this, to get that." Most people don't know how to do that. When you shift to living wholeness, you empower everything.

You can choose the what you do and what your experience is, and all the components of that, a la carte when you're centered in your wholeness. You, like me, don't actually feel drawn to everything, you're drawn to specific things - the things that want to flow through you.


This is the liberation of the real you we're talking about here.

To me, our lives are all about our capacity to express. Your capacity to express is yours and yours alone. No one else can create your life experience or change it. But you can. YOU CAN. And if you're not sure how to make that real, I can show you how. You can learn how it works here (meaning- on Earth, in a body). It's all happening on an energetic level as a coherent intelligent wholeness.

You can learn to understand that and then live in ways that make that work for you. It's simple, and liberating, and endlessly fun, and I LOVE sharing in that conversation. That's what this website is all about.

Thank you for taking the time to connect. If you want to continue to explore these kinds of ideas, please sign up for our newsletter. 

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