My name, is Ailia Mira, and I am here for the fun!

I was thrilled when a long-time friend of mine, told me the other day, "Ailia, you are the happiest person I know." 

I have to say, the more I pay attention to fun, the more fun life gets. The more I talk about what's going well, the more things I have to celebrate. The more I meditate, the more I receive ideas that take my life to new levels of ease and grace.

The proof that Creation is listening to how I'm focused and delivering more of the same is real and alive for me. I am thrilled to be here!

Recently my work in Expect Wonderful has become even more exciting to me as I'm now channeling the Wholeness of All Creation. They call themselves different things - "Infinite Intelligence," "the Source of Everything," "All that is," or "The Vastness of Your Being."  I like the variety of their bylines, LOL, it feels apt given the fluidity of life and the true namelessness of Creation.

Expect Wonderful was founded in 2010, and has shifted from events and monthly Soar Fests, to more in-depth programs and courses over the past few years. I allow what wants to be expressed to flow through me. Doing that has sometimes been uncomfortable - as it's unfamiliar and often new - and yet everything about this work has gotten better and better as time unfolds. #appreciationinabundance #lovewhatIdo

Experiencing that - allowing changes to come and going with them and then having amazing things manifest - has demonstrated and made real to me the wisdom of my own wholeness, the absolutely informed and practical smarts of non-physical consciousness and the reliability of tuning our energy to inner harmony and aiming for joy.

What's possible.

It's entirely possible to live a life doing what you love. In fact, doing ONLY what you love. Amazing. Right?

Being in ways that feel good to you. Having what you want. Doing what you love.

Lily at the park, spring 2018.png

None of these things are dependent on one another, and yet they are interconnected. When we're in a state of inner harmony we often experience a rising energy; something that lifts us up. It's sometimes called, the ascending energy arc. I think of this as those moments when we glimpse how life could be even more fun, better. We get an idea, or a vision for what is calling to us next.

If we enjoy those moments, allowing them to fill in, without pushing them, or trying to figure them out, they evolve into manifestations. We get more and more specifics about them, when that fills in, and because we're enjoying that and not throwing resistance on the path by forcing things, the natural path of thoughts turning to things, happens and we feel fulfilled.

The key to this is realizing that the ideas or visions themselves, are manifestations. We've allowed them and when they come when we're feeling joyful and whole, loved and free, they light up a path to even more joy.

What's possible understanding how life works, is that you can allow life to light up for you, from within, and discover that things you want can come about in ways you like.

It's extremely fun to let go of the "I have to do __________, to get _________" equation, in life, and instead allow your own vastness to steer you into allowing what you want. This can happen if you let go of trying to control things/figure them out/need them to happen immediately, because you don't trust, or are afraid. If you can focus instead of feeling the way you want to feel and doing anything you can to create that often, you will teach yourself how to allow what you want, to come.

How I live.

The way I live empowers my joy. A lot of that is simply a point of view - I tend to orient toward feeling free, easy, open, confident, capable, enthusiastic, powerful and positive. I remind myself often of things, thoughts and experiences that tune me to those feeling-states.

As a result of that kind of focus, I have allowed an amazingly beautiful life. On most days, I am outside for several hours. I often read and write, or even eat, on a lovely sun-filled patio. Then there's walking the beautiful Lily along paths lined with huge old trees. I meditate, write and channel almost every day - it feels so good to do so. And then? I do what feels good, next. 

Reading at Vromans.jpg

I attract friends (and clients) who share my interests. One of my friends/clients, Brenda, said about this" I SO love reading! This a great picture that says it all. Ease, calm, joy, great sandals, and cappuccino = Heaven!"

This is how life can be. The things you love, the things you love doing, the people who love them too? Law of Attaction will bring them all together, if we can allow it.


I adore the sky and the sound of the birds. Sometimes I see wild parrots where I live, peacocks too - amazing! I enjoy noticing the way the light changes and the cycles of flowering bushes, trees and plants give me tremendous joy.

I love reading and have recently fallen in love with cozy mysteries (thank you, Louise Penny).

I love Brazilian music, jazz, Sinatra, binge watching character-driven stories and am continually finding new grooves on Spotify.

I watch sappy movies, love Cary Grant, love to cook and experiment with food, and spend ridiculous amounts of time have endless rambling conversations with my friends. About anything and everything. We mostly talk about our latest insights and experiences - all my friends seem to be passionate learners, avid readers, in love with potatoes (ha!) and down to earth, outdoorsy people.

I like to hang out at the Norton Simon Museum whenever I can, especially in the sculpture garden. I love road trips to the coast, taking pictures, decorating my house, and I love talking to the wonderful people who join me, in summoning these amazing non-physical energies that are the basis of that which is expect wonderful.

Being a conscious conduit of Infinite Intelligence is a blast. I love the way I feel when I'm channeling. It's like an attunement every time I connect!

I love teaching others to channel, to hear and trust themselves and discover their immense and loving non-physical friends and family. I am excited by the new things I'm receiving in this work and the glimpses I've had lately on that ascending energy arc, myself :) Fun things are evolving from thoughts into things! I'm enjoying the feel of all that and I look forward to sharing them with you, when they fill in. 

I so appreciate the enthusiasm, confidence, playfulness and joy I feel pretty much every day. It's amazing to deeply trust in myself, my interpretation of experience and most of all? The vast eternalness that is who we really are - Life!

I know we sovereignly create our own reality and the point of it all here, is expressing and experiencing what we want, in joy. How can you know that, and not want to explore the possibilities? 


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