Invitation from Archangel Raphael


It is I, Raphael.

We are here with you - your family in light, and we are happy to be here with you.

Allow yourself to feel our loving embrace, the energy that we are naturally, effortlessly feeling about you, as we connect.

Our awareness of you is complete.

We know you in your entirety and in all expressions of you throughout Creation.

We stand here, in full awareness of the fullness of your being.


We know that you are feeling good and also feeling at times, some inner conflict around money, around cash flow, around living the way you’d like to live.

We know that you want to feel differently and you’d like your life to be different and some of that relates to financial abundance.

This is natural for with financial abundance comes feelings of freedom, choices, and with that, a sense of fun, playfulness, ease and flexibility in life.

We see this and we see how you relate to this experience.

We notice you feel at times that you shouldn’t want what you want.

We notice that having more than enough, or more than you’ve had before, is challenging for you. Somehow, that trips you up.

We see that you often feel that what you think you have to do to get what you want, puts you off, makes you feel that you can’t have what you want AND be happy.

We also see that some of the things you want just really seem like they’re never going to come about. No matter what.

We also notice those moments you feel more relaxed and happy, and in these moments you know you are ready really to enjoy so much more ease and comfort in life, that you’re open and willing to allow life to flow and fill in, so that the way you’d like life to be became more present now as your experience.

For the easy way to flow, we offer you the direct path: Oneness with All That You Are.

The light within you is always showing you what is possible for you. Yet most people are not tuned to the light within.

The love within you is always showing you, your immense value. Yet most people are not tuned to the love within.

The truth within you is always providing perfect knowing. Yet most people are not tuned to the truth within.

When we say "not tuned," we do not mean not caring, not appreciating, not wanting, not wishing, we simply mean "not tuned" - not in resonance and allowing the fullness of, what may be received, known, experienced....

Not present in that state, often enough, consistently enough, to know it as real and be guided from higher levels of consciousness - your OWN higher levels of consciousness.

The light, love and truth within you is emanating into your body in wholeness. Yet most people are not allowing the wholeness that is their source, to be received or to fully infuse their embodiment.

This is how the experience of limitation or a feeling of lack, is created - by diminished connection with your Source.

It is because of your sovereign and quite immense power in embodiment, that creating an experience of limitation is even possible.

Innate Abundance IS your true state.

It is who you really are.

So you have to make something else real, to live a different experience than that.

Do you see?


Even if you’ve been limiting this, limiting how much you can have, limiting how you think you need to behave to earn it, deserve it, get it… None of that changes who you really are. It is simply a matter of what you’ve made real.

Limitation and lack, in your experience does not change who you truly are and as such, does not change the possibilities of you realizing your true state of innate abundance here and now.

In this series of transmissions we wish to decontextualize your understanding of abundance, money, more than enough, by shifting you beyond lack and limitation - not just in terms of wisdom and perspectives, but energetically. Take your experience of abundance out of all context and into a direct experience of wholeneess.

We offer to you an experience in collaboration with the Vastness of your being, coordinated in fact, by All That You Are, and given with that know-how.

We offer you Remote Energy Infusions from the Archangelic Realm, in collaboration with Ashira, the Council of Radiant Light and the Galactic Dragons.

We offer you perspectives attuning you to a new way of relating to your experience, attunements to wholeness and specifically, wholeness expressed as abundance.

We are happy to facilitate and share this flow. To assist you in allowing this stream of coherence to infuse you and remind you that you can shift, instantaneously, and in fact, do. That your life is dynamically unfolding based on your sense of self and that a shift in that which brings you into attunement with wholeness can bring about dramatic, expansive and sudden changes in how you know yourself.

How you know yourself determines what you perceive and what you allow yourself to choose. 

How you know yourself determines what you expect, what you believe in and what feels possible to you.

How you know yourself creates the energy field that filters what you experience in life as real.

By allowing and participating in this co-creation, through a progressive series of transmissions and energy infusions we are confident that your sense of self will elevate and fill in.

And we are most exuberant as we say this:

You will find yourself, in wholeness. And the innate abundance that you truly are, will also be felt and become very real to you.

You can emanate the energy of your true self here.

That full spectrum signature is your Source. Is always with you and IS ABUNDANT. You can know that as Life.

You can make that real as your experience!

For some reading this is just what you have been asking for. For some reading this is an answer to your prayers. For some the knowing is clear and if that is you - welcome. We invite you to join us.


February 2 - April 14, 2019*

This program will be delivered over the course of 11 weeks, starting with an Attunement the evening of your enrollment.

— 1 Inner Harmony Attunement: this program begins immediately upon sign-up. The evening of your enrollment you'll receive a personalized attunement from Archangel Raphael, Ashira & the Galactic Dragons, while you sleep. An email explaining this attunement and providing you with program details will follow on the next week-day following your enrollment.
— 11 Remote Energy Infusions given on Saturday evenings by Archangel Raphael and others, as you sleep;
— 11 Channeled Transmissions delivered to you each Sunday. These will be in audio format and accompanied by written materials with suggestions for weekly focus and include commentary on the Saturday infusions; and
— 1 Live Q&A Event (Date TBA) where we will take your specific questions about the topics and challenges that you provide and share personalized guidance relative to allowing your innate abundance to flow and manifest.

The Remote Energy work that is part of this program is gentle and natural - it is given as guided by the vastness of your own being and only by your permission - in your embodiment.

You may find yourself feeling shifts in consciousness, new ways of perceiving may emerge, etc. More details on each week's energy work will be given in the weekly email updates so you can participate consciously in these experiences.

*Note: Enrollment will stay open and if you join after we’ve begun, we’ll provide you with an individualized schedule to integrate the energy attunements and "catch up” with the transmissions.

Your Participation

Each week you will be asked to allow this new infusion of energy to integrate and guided in how to work with the materials in the channeled transmission.

Your weekly focus may be as simple as spending time daily, contemplating what is given and making connections to the rest of your life by applying these transmission and making connections by noticing your experience. There may be more specific suggestions for meditation, application or integration.

This program is entirely new and the format of the infusions and transmissions will be channeled live. It is being summoned by those asking for this kind of co-creation and will be specific to each person participating and the gift of our shared focus will expand all of us.

Know that there to the specific and perfect composition of this experience already exists as a coherent wholeness, based on who you are.

You, meaning YOU that recognize you have asked for this and in that knowing, embrace this invitation, ready to receive. We thank you for allowing this collaboration and can’t wait to share this wonderful unfolding, and upward spiral with you!


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