Some part of you knows this.

deep within you can feel that sense that life ought to feel good.

This knowing is the real you, present within you, reminding you of who you truly are.

What if that was real to you, as your sense of self? What if you lived, knowing you are vast eternal consciousness expressing here, and that you always have access to the expansive energies that are your Source and could reliably use this connection for clarity, and creating a life of ever expanding good feelings and wonderful stuff?

This might be a radically different idea of who you are, but it's how we know you, and see you and it gives us great joy to know you as you truly are.

We know everything is energy in vibration. We know that you are a never ending non-physical field of energy with unique harmonics - that thing you think of your soul, your essence, your signature, what's authentic and genuine to you - it's real. We know you. We knew you before you came here and we know you still - both in the non-physical wholeness you are and in the embodied state that is here, reading this transmission. This energy we're offering that is being translated by Ailia into words so that we can communicate with you.

We know you as a pure, clear, coherent expression and we see you here too embodied, human, and frankly to us, you look and feel pretty much the same. Perfect. Creative. Expansive. Powerful. Free. Benefitting All-That-Is through your presence here.

We know that you are here as an expression of that never ending non-physical YOU and that you came here, not to learn or grow, or fix, heal or save the world, or to prove your worth and definitely not to struggle or suffer. We know you came here for the fun of it. You knew the expansion that would come about as you were here, exploring, choosing, focusing and experiencing life, embodied, as you. We know and you knew, that all you would need to orient and create here was intrinsic; empowered by the experience itself, your body and your emotions and your connection to all consciousness.

We are opening up this conversation with you to activate within you, the knowing of who you truly are, and so you can reclaim all that comes with that knowing.

You intended to know yourself as free, powerful in your ability to create through consciousness and to live a life here of immense joy, and authentic self-expression.  

We're the Council of Radiant Light and Ailia Mira is an embodied member of our crew. We love to open up new possibilities for light to flow. We're encouraging you to step into new possibilities (by using your innate abilities) for your life - your embodiment. We love reminding you of who you truly are, how you got here and how it all works. It is our joy to tell that story, and we appreciate you being here - expanding All of Creation, with your focus and flow.

Some truths about you:

The ability to experience an ever-expanding, authentic, joyful life, consciously and with abundance and ease, is yours to claim. 

The understanding that all of life is energy and you are eternal consciousness has radical implications for how you live and what is available to you.

You create your energy state. You're sovereignly creating your personal reality by what you make real through treating it as important - i.e. investing your attention in it. This is a different context for living. 

Once you get accustomed to understanding yourself as sovereign and perpetually resourced, you can begin to establish new ways of being based on these fundamentals.

When you live in harmony with who you truly are, your life starts to hum. Anything that has felt stuck or out of reach starts to open up and move - to flow and fill in for you. Life starts to work for you, literally

You basically come on line, having access to energy and power that makes anything you can imagine, possible. And that, dear friend, is the point.

Being here is about self-expression. Expanding All That Is, as you. It's fun. It's easy. You can do it more fully, right here and now. 

Interested? Let's begin.