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Live the life you want. 



No wonder then, that you continue to want the things in life that you feel will be fun and make you happy.

The ability to experience repeated success in creating an ever-expanding authentic, joyful life, consciously and with ease, is yours to claim. It's something that can be learned.

There is a version of your life that calls to you - it's that life you want. I know how it feels to you - it's  a bit wild & extremely free. It's a life without apologies, and beyond trying to please others. It's a life based on who you truly are.

You know this life well, and you have a complex relationship to it... It feels delicious when you imagine it's possible and excruciating when it feels out of reach, or as if it might be too late to get it together. It's time to simplify all that, if you like.

The understanding that all of life is energy and you are consciousness has radical implications for how you live and what is available to you. Your capacity to live that wild and free life is actually far more than you might imagine, or have even yet experienced. You can learn new ways of understanding life, looking at yourself and living, that will cause you to routinely, expect and experience more and more wonderful things.

My name is Ailia Mira. I am an artist, inspirational speaker, author, entrepreneur and a conscious channel. As a conscious channel, I share perspectives here that I receive while connected to elevated fields of non-physical consciousness. In the same way that our body translates vibration into smells, or sights, or sounds, I receive energy -  from non-physical, expansive consciousness - and translate that into words and energy that is shared through articles, events, and experiences.

These "transmissions," are positive, practical, and clear. I work primarily with Archangel Michael, Hermes and the  Council of Radiant Light. The perspectives they share with us are liberating. You can feel the energy and clarity and use in your own life that which rings true for you.

Expect Wonderful was founded in 2010 to support and inspire you to realign with who you truly are and live a joyful, expansive life. We have a global, long-standing audience that co-create together month after month. Together we are redefining what it means to be spiritual; embracing our embodiment as a means of Divine Expression and celebrating all of life.

Everything shared here is focused on reminding you of who you truly are, and the way life works on Earth so that you can soar. This is our joy. We do it because it's fun and it's who we are. We invite you to use a similar criteria for your own life - be the real you and base your life on that. 

It is with tremendous enthusiasm and powerful expectation that we offer these experiences and invite you to know life the way you meant to know it when you came here.