a new beginning; an expansion, elevation and refinement; opening to wholeness.

a new beginning; an expansion, elevation and refinement; opening to wholeness.



Archangel Raphael's Vision

Archangel Raphael shared with me a strong desire to re-contextualize healing. Then he communicated that it was even more than that - it was an intention to decontextualize healing; to move understandings of healing beyond any context, to shift into a direct relationship with wholeness.

Most people are living from patterns of separation and paradigms of limitation. This program will offer an arch that can be used to move beyond that, directly into clarity and coherence.

He intends to explain this in a way that will serve those who feel a resonance with "healing" as their desire in life, or their intention in their own self-expression or work, elevating understanding and also providing energetic support to empower new ways of living. The remote energy work will focus on gradual changes that create new arrangements which facilitate soul-coherence; wholeness in our bodies and lives.

If you've felt stuck in endless cycles of healing, fixing, saving, processing. Perpetual ideas that you are not divine, you have done something wrong, you are paralyzed with doubt, or work with people who feel these challenges in life, know that these are simply structures from bandwidths energetically that are exploring limitation and energy structures associated with separation. There are other options and you are free to choose. 



This is an in-depth program that will alter your consciousness. You can expect that it will be fun, feel good and empower you in ways that are beyond what you've known before in your life.

Our collaboration is delivered as Remote Energy Infusions and Channeled Installments over a period of 11 weeks.  We'll be open to what is given and allow ourselves to receive and flex with the guidance that is shared - fun!

I understand that you will be encouraged to invest time each week, receiving the Energy Infusions and working with that week's channeled transmission. Reflecting, applying and considering the opportunities for change and mastery that you see in your life, as your consciousness shifts.

You will receive an email update from us each Monday at noon pacific time, with links to access the new materials for that week and any additional commentary on the Sunday Energy Infusions that are given.

Enrollment is limited, as this is a small group experience. You can make one payment in full, or arrange for four equal monthly payments, whatever works best for you. 

The energy infusions will be gentle and gradual, specific to who you are and constellate within your embodied energy a full template of your wholeness. You will feel this fill in as the program unfolds.

Enrollment will close when the group is full, or around when we begin, in essence, when I'm guided that we are all here, and shown to close the circle.

If all this FEELS to be YES! for you (please check in with you, now), then please join us!

We'd LOVE to share this with you!


To participate, you'll need:

- Willingness to take full responsibility for your own well being, to participate sovereignly, using your own discernment in experiencing the transmissions.

- Access to a reliable email account and internet access. All materials will be available as links to digital files sent to you in weekly email updates. So you'll need an email address you can access and the ability to download/read PDFs, listen to and/or download .mp3 files.

- Understand that Expect Wonderful Programs are subject to our existing legal policies - purchase indicates agreeing to honor these policies.



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