It all started in the summer of 2017 . . .

I was contacted by Hermes and guided to offer a mostly unstructured program based on the Ancient Hermetic Teaching with the intention to open and expand upon their articulation in a contemporary way.

It was an amazing experience. We received in-depth wisdom teachings from Hermes in not one, but two different series of installments.

Like the participants, I was powerfully affected by this work and experienced profound insight and clarification about how to live with expanded capacity. 

This work was a dramatically different stream of energy than the rest of my work. It did inform and expand my work in the Soar Fests and other experiences, yet it remains a separate and discrete in-depth series of transmissions, empowering coherence thru wisdom.

I thought this experience was complete at the end of the second Hermes Program. <Smile> 

And then...

Archangel Raphael showed up in a personal channeling session with a different invitation, yet along these same lines.

I realize now that there is a wisdom tradition emerging as a new body of work through Expect Wonderful and we are calling it: Conscious Evolution.

I don't know where it's headed - and of course that is part of the fun of allowing these transmissions! I offer them telling you right up front, that I am completely open to allowing the non-physical fields we work with and who initiate this work to have a means of communication and to determine how and when and what is given. That means I don't know how it will unfold, and along with anyone else participating, I discover that as the transmissions take shape, are given, received, integrated and evolve. I am open to receive and participate in service to this work.

I offer the opportunity to participate in these transmissions to those who wish to be part of this unique experience.

With the invitation from Raphael, I realized it was time to announce this new aspect of expression within Expect Wonderful and I do that here and also make available to you, this new experience with Archangel Raphael.

The Raphael transmissions are different - expansive in intention and in that they will also include personalized energy work.

I am very honored and happy to be joined in this collaboration with Archangel Raphael, by Ashira and the Galactic Dragons! Many in our community know and love these beings of tremendous love and light and playfulness and poetry.

This program promises to be, based on the participants in the non-physical alone, a tremendous experience!

I also am eager and happy to meet those of you who will receive, experience, in essence who are also calling forth this work, and in doing so, will expand your capacity for coherence in embodiment as you ground an integrate these wisdom and energy transmissions. We will create the synergistic entity that embodies this work

If you've been asking to shift beyond transactional ways of living; if you long to know life beyond practiced patterns in mind-body-spirit and are ready to allow a flow of timeless direct wholeness... and with a particular awareness of those reading those who also work in ways that support, inspire and assist others in living more clearly, fully, freely and consciously, this is for you. Welcome.

We extend here an offer to experience expanded capacity for the fulfilling ecstatic radiance of embodiment that is coherence.