You have direct access to truth. Within you is wisdom. Life is interconnected, whole, One and because of the very foundation of how Life is, we each have this innate connection, support and capacity to access truth directly within ourselves. 

You can learn to clearly hear, trust and communicate with your own Soul/Higher Self, with Source, or other non-physical fields of consciousness. Doing so, is a pathway of connection, clarity and confidence.

The experience of our mental body, in wholeness is an experience of truth. This feels like knowing, good timing and sure footedness in the moment. Truth gives us the wonderful feeling of well being in living that relaxes our body and allows us to be present, receive and share.

We know what to do and when to do it. We feel what wants to flow and what doesn't. We're easy about this because we've experienced the steadiness of this knowing and it's played out well for us, time and time again. We feel supported, loved, happy and free.

When we don't know how to access this connection, don't trust it, or doubt it, we limit our experience of truth and the connection, clarity and confidence that comes with it. The result? We experience doubt, feel uncertain or confused. We lose a sense of being supported and connected. We may start to notice we feel uncertain about what matters to us, what will serve us and how to proceed in our lives.

When we deny or ignore our inner knowing, or act in opposition to what feels right to us, we create disharmony within our very selves, which feels crappy and tends to produce much less satisfying experiences.

If we live without confident regular connection to our inner truth, or over-ride it by making other people's ideas more important than what feels right to us, we diminish our sense of self - affecting not just our access to truth, but also to love. Love is the emotional experience of wholeness and when we're in it, we know our value, our worth, we feel our significance in life. We love ourselves and feel loved. This is the wonderful experience of connection and support that is part of living our truth.

Regaining our access to knowing, or truth, often aligns us fully with who we truly are - thus it is a huge part of living a joyful life.

You can learn how to clearly perceive the truth within you, tap into this on purpose, expanding your ability to access truth, and live your life in a state of connection, clarity and confidence. It's an incredible way to live!

You can learn to hear the clear wise voice within you, and discover you can trust it.

We offer progressive programs with ways to experiment with your focus and your ways of being so you can tap and grow this innate access to truth. It's a path that will reconnect you with who you truly are and open up a profound ability you can use daily.

There are many pathways to tap this innate wisdom: intuition is one. Learning how to connect and communicate with the vastness of your own wholeness and other non-physical fields, on purpose, is another. You have the ability to tune your consciousness in different ways, access different frequencies of energy and thought and can learn to do this consistently and reliably.

We begin with learning how to feel and know your own vastness, or soul and to allow the connection, support, clarity and guidance from the Source of your being.

In my experience, the most powerful pathway for living truth and enjoying this connection, clarity and confidence is learning how to channel your own soul self, consciously. In fact, you can live your live, channeling your own higher self, or soul! Doing so is an amazing experience of ease, abundance, things working out and feeling good.

I've taught channeling for years and every person I've had the pleasure to collaborate with in this, has discovered a non-physical team of allies that love them, are supportive, incredibly helpful with all aspects of life, surprisingly distinct and fun, and consistently accessible. You can do this too.

You can learn to access this wonderful posse, within your own life. Feel the comraderie, support and joy of living in clarity and connection. All of these are innate abilities that are yours to claim. You can live with an amazing sense of timing, knowing what will serve you in the present and navigate life with ease, joy and grace. 


Why Learn How to Channel

Open to New Perspectives. Live with Clarity and confidence.

Consciousness is All. You exist as an expression of this All, in consciousness. You have access to All that is, and can learn to intentionally access expanded states of consciousness. Doing so will bring you joy, allow your life to flow with more ease and grace and provide you with clarity and awesome timing.

You can learn how to do this and shift out of uncertainty, ambiguity and indecision. Your ability to live in clarity, and to hear and trust yourself isn't fixed, it's an ability that can expand, improve, elevate and develop.

You can learn ways of being and get familiar with how consciousness functions so that you can connect and communicate with vaster, elevated, non-physical fields of your own consciousness (what you might call your soul, or higher self) and also to connect with other distinct aspects of consciousness that are non-physical in focus. 

Intentionally Access Expanded States of Consciousness

Interestingly, learning how to channel will sharpen your discernment and often deepens and develops your innate capacity for inner knowing. The regular practice of channeling fosters a state of soulful harmony with all that you are which yields many gifts. Channeling is a natural ability. We all do it at different times in life, yet for most people it's not consciously understood or developed.

Learning how to channel, consciously, is a path of sovereignty. It's intentionally learning how to access and communicate with expanded fields of consciousness. When you do this, not only will you open to new perspectives, you will discover you entrain your own presence into expanded states. As a result your awareness shifts.

People who learn how to channel, and practice conscious channeling often remark that they feel more free, more authentic, more clear, more alive, more allowing and more expansive, energetically. In essence, more capable. As a result of these changes, what shows up in your life will also look like that.

When you channel regularly your life starts to work.

Your capacity for alignment grows, your discernment improves and your sense of confidence blossoms. Things will just get easier.

One of the most consistent things I see in those who learn how to consciously channel is a bright, direct articulateness about what matters to you and how to live right here, right now. You can develop an ability to have reliable access to clear insight, guidance, support and connection.

It is life changing to learn how to channel your own non-physical energy and work with other higher vibrational fields of consciousness, and to discover first hand, the immense love, support and attention that is flowing to you, all the time! 

I've taught people how to channel year after year and each time it inspires me how empowering it is. Every person who has ever joined this program has succeeded in channeling and found inner well springs of love, inspiration, hope and clarity beyond what they felt was possible. 

Once you learn how to channel, you can tap into vaster perspectives in infinite ways. Use channeling to get insight about how to shift your life, your relationships, your work. Use it to access inspiration and ideas for direct creative expression. Channel your writing. Channel while you’re mentoring employees at work. Channel guidance about challenging situation. Channel insight about what would be the most expansive and fun path next.

Living with clarity, rocks. Learning how to channel is the ultimate tool for living a deliberate, sovereign, authentic life of ever-expanding joy.


All alumni are also welcome to join the Conscious Channeling club


Ailia Mira Expect Wonderful Hear and Trust Yourself


A one-day, virtual retreat.

Beyond feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness, feelings of disempowerment or fear is a relationship to your own vastness, that is bliss. Ready for that?

You can learn to live in harmony with all that you are and experience steady states of clarity and confidence and the joyful energy that brings.

Most people live their lives in ways that make having a clear and steady relationship to inner knowing, a challenge. This becomes a pattern, and then it's easy to start to identity with the experience, believing it's simply who you are. Yet, in truth, it's not.

In this fun, high-impact one-day "virtual retreat," you will be guided through topics for reflection and participate in simple exercises that will allow you to have insight and shift your experience. You can learn how to empower and increase your capacity to hear and trust yourself.

This is an online event done from your home. It is offered sometimes as a stand-alone event, and is also included in the Conscious Channeling Program

Ailia Mira Expect Wonderful Conscious Channeling Learn How to Channel


Learn how to channel. A 10-week program that will guide you in developing a clear, reliable conscious channeling practice.

Join a proven program to develop your innate ability to consciously channel.

You can get clear guidance, reliably from within. Living with access to that not only changes your sense of self, it gives you access to immense support. Your timing and sense of what to do when becomes astonishing. You can learn how to channel consciously and empower a life of ease.

P.S. This is a path that will empower your sovereignty, in a big way. Meaning your sense of being able to make it happen, no matter what other people think or do, will blow wide open. :) And YES! Living like that is very fun!

Conscious Channeling Club Ailia Mira Next Level Channeling


A six-month, in depth journey into channeling mastery.

Take your innate ability to channel to a whole new level. 

This is program for people who have already learned to channel and want to expand their ability to channel with specificity, clarity, confidence and consistency. You will get oodles of guided channeling practice, and build a strong energetic connection with your non-physical guides/team.

You'll channel on a wide range of topics, explore guided energy exercises, get to channel for others and discover your domain, the ideal of your channeling. Ample individual mentoring will support you in clarifying the specific energetics of the collaboration you are experiencing with the non-physical. 

Open to all students who have completed the Conscious Channeling Program, and existing practicing channelers, upon approval. If this interests you please email me and let’s talk.


Enrollment is Currently Closed

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