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You've successfully enrolled in Conscious Evolution Program, Choosing Love.

This program begins now.

Tonight as you sleep you will be the first attunement (remote energy work) will start your collaboration with our non-physical friends. You do not need to do anything to "make this work," which is why it is given while you sleep - a time when you naturally stop thought and come into harmony with all you are.

The first attunement is focused on Amplifying Your Inner Voice.  YYour capacity to hear and know the truth of your being, the perspectives and frequency of the vastness of you, is what we will refer to as your Inner Voice.

This expanded you knows all you want, all you feel and can at any time, reveal to you a more clear, accurate way of knowing yourself, this moment, of knowing Life.

Your relationship to and awareness of All That You Are, is the pathway we will blaze and expand upon, revealing to you, the truth of your being and your immense and consistent capacity to be and feel love.

Pause now and express your willingness to participate. This attunement can only be given with your permission.

Once that is complete, you need do nothing further! This gentle energy work will take place tonight while you sleep. You might pause upon waking and feel for any shifts in your subtle energy or consciousness and enjoy the beginning of this co-creative experience!

CONFIRMATION DETAILS: You will receive details via email within 24 hours, or if it's a weekend, on Monday. 

You'll also receive a payment receipt from PayPal.

Both our confirmation email and the one from PayPal will be sent to the primary email address associated with your PayPal account. If you need us to use a different email, please email:

So happy to share in this with you!