You’re IN!

This confirms your enrollment in the New Conscious Evolution Program - Be Brilliant, You!

You’ll get a receipt from PayPal, via email and tonight receive your first Remote Energy Infusion.

After that look for a Confirmation Email from us, welcoming you and providing details.

Let the conscious co-creation begins!


Dear Friend,

We are overjoyed to have you join us in this co-creation.

Nothing is more fabulous, than you, being YOU.

We see you as you truly are.

We relish the opportunities to light up in your life, pathways that lead you to experiencing yourself more and more fully.

Tonight as you sleep, we begin.

We offer to you an Energy Infusion with harmonic structures, relative to your Innate Authority.

We know this will feel familiar and wonderful to you.

A perfect way to begin.

Trust that you have all you need to make the most of your life and in this experience.

Believe in yourself - we do!

With love,

Ailia, with Archangels Ariel, Michael & Raphael, the Galactic Dragons & the Council of Radiant Light.


REMINDERS & A few more details

What you'll need to participate:

- Be willing to take full responsibility for your own well being, to participate sovereignly, and to use your own discernment in experiencing the transmissions.

- Have access to a reliable email account and internet access. All materials will be available as links to digital files sent to you in weekly email updates. So you'll need an email address you can access and the ability to download/read PDFs, listen to and/or download .mp3 files.

- Understand that Expect Wonderful Programs are subject to our existing legal policies - purchase indicates agreeing to honor these policies (links to policies may be found at the bottom of each page on our site).

- Understand these programs are entirely new - channeled live/as we experience them and summon them, together. 

- Actively participate: you will be encouraged to invest time each week, receiving the Energy Infusions and working with that week's channeled transmission. Reflecting, applying and considering the opportunities for change and mastery that you see in your life, as your consciousness shifts. You are an active component in this program and determine what you are able to receive.

What to expect:

- You will receive an email update from us each Thursday at noon pacific time, with links to access the new materials for that week and the commentary on the Wednesday Evening Energy Infusion.

-The energy infusions will be gentle and gradual, specific to who you are and constellate within your embodied energy a full template of your wholeness. You will feel this fill in as the program unfolds.

- If you’ve added a package of Private Sessions to your experience, we’ll be in touch within the week with details so you can set these up. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Questions at any time? Email us: