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One of the things I do routinely, is connect with non-local, non-physical energy fields - fields of consciousness - and receive/communicate/co-create. You can read more about the fields I tend to communicate with here. I translate the energy I receive in this connection/communication into words. The translation of this can be verbal or written, both of which transmit both energy and symbolic meaning. 

Many of us use alternate states of consciousness to create in life. Conscious Channeling is a mode of deliberately shifting into an altered/non-ordinary state of consciousness and communicating with non-physical/non-local energy. You can learn how to consciously channel, if it interests you, and doing it as a regular practice will powerfully contribute to your capacity for accessing ideas, inspiration, clarity and for living a sovereign, aligned life.  

If you'd like to experience a series of channeled communications that are focused on guidance in specific areas of life and can help you shift your consciousness and what unfolds in life, join an program in the Conscious Evolution Series.

When reading this work, as with everything you pay attention to in life, trust your inner sense of what is relevant/resonant/true and thus, beneficial, for you. For regular updates subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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