A New Conscious Evolution Program


A message from Infinite Intelligence

We want you to know, the perfection of you. To live your life in a state of exquisite joy, profound well-being and keenly aware of your role in Creation and how it all works together.

Life is One and everything is for you. Do you feel this? Do you feel and know the expansive love and appreciation that is here for YOU?

The light within you is growing; it is naturally increasing.
This means is that your power is coming in; that which is your clear, coherent, higher frequency energy - that is what we mean by light. Capacity.

Your physical body is assimilating this energy more and more and with that, obsolete patterns are spinning out and off of your energy field.

As you come into Unity with All That You Are more often, the experience of Oneness becomes your experience.

You are in an endless experience of becoming, yet most of you are not focused on this becoming, you are focused on "what is," and you are focused, mostly, on what needs to change about "what is," including, what needs to change about you.

In life you are acting on your own behalf in wonderful ways. You are choosing to let go of things that don’t serve you - ideas, beliefs, thought patterns, approaches to life. This is allowing space for new ways of being to come to you as inspiration and for you to begin to live in new ways. Ways that are resonant and aligned with who you are becoming.

Who you are becoming, is SOUL.
A conscious, deliberate, soul-filled person. This is a very beautiful thing.

Most of you are doing this with a motivation that you will somehow fix yourself. What if you could continue to evolve into even more you without feeling any need to fix yourself?

Love, beloved ones, is the magic way you do that.

When you let yourself choose thoughts that serve you, affirm you, bless you, celebrate you, honor you, as you are now, you come into accord with who you truly are.

Freedom, opportunity, ideas for new possibilities, vision and clarity, all of this flows freely (along with radiant well being) when you are in this kind of clarity. Clarity meaning truth - when you are deeply appreciating yourself and your life and willing to allow life to support you.

Light and truth, within your human energy system, thus increase.

Learning to allow support is a huge shift in life. It is a shift most people don’t fully make in life. Most people trust some to support themselves and others not. Most people don’t consider that all support is both reflecting what you’re allowing and coming to you through the Source of All Life - that which we often call Creation.

All support of any kind comes to you from Creation as a whole. It arises within you that way, it can and often does flow to you through others in that way. What flows to you reflects the degree you feel worthy and deserving of this. 

We are speaking here, beloveds, about your significance. Your awareness and the way in your awareness, you relate to yourself with LOVE.

We want you to begin to realize the immense value in learning to love yourself freely and fully, right here, right now. We invite you to consider that you don't need to fix anything about yourself to feel good, love yourself and have an amazing life.

Each of you have tremendous capacity to love. Love, to us is profound, deeply felt appreciation.

Each of you have ample capacity to love and yet most of you don’t offer that to yourselves in the present. Most of you hold back from that kind of deep appreciation of self because you feel that you must be different to be worthy of it. You still believe you must earn love.

We wish to assist you in this, by offering to you a series of transmissions and specific guided experiences, along with energetic support, that can support you in discovering the immense love you can and do have for you, within the fullness of your being. We know you can reveal that capacity, learn to live in that awareness and discover how to live here and now, feeling that amazing unconditional appreciation for and about you.

We invite you to consider a new way of being, to allow yourself to journey along a pathway of self-discovery in which you find your innate capacity to love and appreciate, and reveal the power you have to bring that focus to yourself. 

We want to guide you in ways of focusing, contemplating, experiences of inner journeys and positive self-talk, that will nourish and expand your own life, as you choose over and over again, to love you.

This is a journey most of you avoid taking. It is a journey you fear somehow means that nothing will change.

Most of you hold a deeply rooted belief that you somehow must be critical of yourself or you will devolve into a less and less lovable version of you. A less and less successful version of you. That "life will go to hell in in handbag" if you stop being hard on yourself, stop pushing, stop criticizing. That idea and that belief are completely false.

We know you've heard this before, but it bears repeating until it is felt: It is by loving yourself as you are now that new possibilities can come to you.

It is by discovering that you can truly appreciate yourself as you are now, that you will find that the power within you already feels that way about you too. Loving yourself, is how you come into wholeness, and allow multidimensional being.

There is great love for you, right here, right now. This love is flowing to you and is naturally capable of caring for you, optimizing your experience and expanding your possibilities for inspiration, well being, clarity and joy.

We invite you to join us on this path of self-discovery into coming into conscious co-creation with Infinite Intelligence. For as you reclaim your capacity to love and focus it upon yourself, you begin to not only trust yourself but all of Life and the Oneness that is, becomes vividly real and active as your experience.


I can feel how all of the Soar Fests, the special event programs, the Hermes Programs, where all leading up to this program. As I was reading the latest installment one morning this past week I wondered how many lifetimes have I been waiting for this guidance. I have a deep appreciation for this, thank you.
— Stan Salamon, on the Conscious Evolution Programs

program details

We invite you to join us for a series of transmissions in which we will provide experiential means by which you can engage your powerful capacity to focus and feel in your own consciousness, the direct knowing of how your life here is coming about.

In this program you'll be receiving and collaborating with the vastness of your being, Infinite Intelligence, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, the Council of Radiant Light and more!

We offer to you, also, remote energy infusions, as you sleep which will further these transmissions and experiential invitations. So that as a complete experience, you may discover a deep affinity with your true Creatorship, feel the immense capacity to love that is at the core of your being and and know the significance of you, within all of Creation, beyond any doubt.

This experience will take the shape of 12 experiential offers - some will be guided meditations (audio) some will be written transmission for reflection and contemplation; and 12 remote energy infusions. This will take place over the course of 14 weeks and during that time, we will take 2 weekends off, for deeper integration as we allow you to further know the well being and expansion that is occurring.

Please note: this experience will shift the balance of your focus from the physical, more to the non-physical. You will live with a sense of the vibrational unseen aspects of life feeling quite real to you and with that shift, your capacity to know bliss and exhilaration, in this conscious co-creation will exponentially expand.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, we invite you to join us now, for this collaboration.


14 Weeks, Beginning the Evening You Enroll

The transmissions will  be given over those 14 weeks, with one additional remote energy attunement coming the day you join the program.

— 1 Energy AttunementAmplifying Your Inner Voice. This program begins immediately upon sign-up. The evening of your enrollment you'll receive a personalized attunement from while you sleep. An email explaining this attunement and providing you with program details will follow on the next week-day following your enrollment.
— 12 Remote Energy Infusions given on Wednesday evenings from Infinite Intelligence, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael the Council of Radiant Light, and others (tba) as you sleep;
— 12 Channeled Transmissions with commentary on the Wednesday infusions. As noted in the channeling above: the transmissions will vary. Some will be guided meditations (audio) some will be written transmission for reflection and contemplation; and 12 remote energy infusions. The program take place over the course of 14 weeks and during that time, we will take 2 weekends off, for deeper integration as we allow you to further know the well being and expansion that is occurring.

Note: the Remote Energy work that is part of this program is gentle and natural - it is given as guided by the vastness of your own being and only by your permission - in your embodiment. You may find yourself feeling shifts in consciousness, new ways of perceiving may emerge, etc. More details on each week's energy work will be given in the weekly email updates so you can participate consciously in these experiences.

Your Participation

Each week you will be asked to allow this new infusion of energy to integrate and guided in how to work with the materials in the channeled transmission.

Your weekly focus may be as simple as spending time daily, contemplating what is given and making connections to the rest of your life by applying these transmission and making connections by noticing your experience. There may be more specific suggestions for using your awareness, focusing in particular ways, revisiting a guided meditation, or other approaches that facilitate application and integration.

This experience is progressive and requires your active participation - in focus and willingness to explore, notice, experiment and reflect.

This program is entirely new and the format of the infusions and transmissions will be channeled live.

Know that there to the specific and perfect composition of this experience already exists as a coherent wholeness, based on who you are.

We offer this because you have asked and we are very happy to do so. We are eager to come together with those of you who have summoned this work as you embrace this invitation, ready to receive and willing to become Consciously Aware of more of who you truly are, here.