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I am so happy to invite you to join us, and discover your natural ability to channel.

Join a 10-Week Proven Program for Learning to Channel

Claim and Develop Your Intrinsic Abilities in Consciousness


 What is conscious channeling?

Conscious channeling is an skill in which a person shifts into an expanded state of consciousness and communicates with non-physical fields of energy.

The practice of Conscious Channeling is a pathway to living in sovereign alignment and steady states of clarity and higher consciousness. It is a joyful experience of co-creation with the vaster aspects of your own wholeness and an opportunity to connect and play with other non-physical fields of light.

When you channel you receive both energy and information. Learning to translate this, into meaningful knowing and words - verbally and in writing - is the practice of conscious channeling.

learn how to channel

Being One with All Life you are innately connected to the unified field of consciousness we call, God, All That Is, the Divine, and of course, your own higher self.

Even though this connection is natural, it’s not unusual to have never explored or learned how to consciously access vaster fields of consciousness in a reliable, practical way. Although many of us may have been introduced to spiritual practices, learning to channel isn’t that commonplace.

Conscious Channeling is empowering. It provides you with first hand experiences of direct communication with the Divine. Through channeling you open up tremendous access to valuable life resources: clarity on anything, as well as support and guidance about anything that matters to you. Furthermore, when you channel the act of connecting in this way tunes your energy - it feels good and fosters well-being.

I invite you to join us for the 2019 Conscious Channeling Program.

This can be your time - are you ready for the next step?

Discover how to open and develop to your own innate abilities to access higher dimensional streams of energy and information and translate these connections into practical guidance for yourself. Learn to consistently, confidently channel non-physical energy (your higher self/ the fullness of your being, your highest level guide or the fields of focus that are available to you now) and do so in a practical, grounded and supportive circle, that has worked for hundreds of people over the last 9 years. 


what you can expect

In this program you will be guided to discover your innate mode of receiving and develop a channeling practice that is based you and your natural mode of interacting with the non-physical. Each person has innate tendencies for translating vibration in this way and you'll discover yours and be shown how to confidently and reliably use this ability.

You'll receive guidance and support to help you shift beyond any hesitation to hear and trust this guidance, become more discerning and skillful in channeling clearly and coherently and discover the clarity that arises in day to day life, from having a channeling practice.

As a result of this program, participants are able to tap into innate wisdom and experience reliable, clear support - consistently and with increasing skillfulness. 

Conscious Channeling means you remain conscious the whole time you channel.  In Conscious Channeling you are aware and in charge of the experience the whole time you channel. You are actually allowing and co-creating with the field(s) of consciousness you channel.  Plan to feel happier, more supported and loved, more alive and free and to experience your expanding ability to access and receive:

  • Insight and wisdom.

  • Clear guidance and unwavering camaraderie and support.

  • Energetic tune-ups.

  • Transmissions of Energy & Information as Love and Light.

All of these happen each time we consciously channel our higher self, higher dimensional fields and higher dimensional entities. 


Ensure your success with a proven program.

There are many ways you can open to channel and develop your abilities. After teaching channeling for many years, I've discovered that although many people realize they can channel there is a big difference between those that do this now and then, and those who do this regularly, with confidence and increasing capacity.

Because channeling is natural, you can do it more easily than you might think. In fact, it's not unusual for students in the program to realize they've been channeling in certain parts of life, unconsciously, or that they did so in the past. My aim in this program is to empower you to have access to Conscious Channeling for the rest of your life, whenever you feel it will serve you. Students in this program have gone on to do this professionally and to channel creative work and other things, as well as integrating channeling into their existing work. 

Opening to channel is just the first step. The Conscious Channeling program will guide you in establishing a channeling practice. This includes overcoming the common challenges to sustained channeling; the natural doubts and concerns that you aren't really doing it; the practical tools that empower increasingly specific, expansive and clear translation of energies; and the know-how to further develop your abilities. This program is limited in size, so you will have ample access to Ailia for questions unique to your experience.  You will also benefit from the questions and sharing others in our circle bring to the program and your understanding of what's possible will open wide. 

In this kind of proven, progressive and supportive program, you can explore your abilities and discover yourself as a Conscious Channel, over time and therefore, grow into who you are becoming, as a more clear, powerful and expressive version of you - because that's what this is really all about.

Does that surprise you? I realize it might. But the thing is this - Conscious Channeling unleashes the real you. When you do it, your life starts to really work. You become more clear and confident in general. It's a very powerful way to live your life whether you choose to learn this for your own personal development and mastery, or should you at some point decide to share your channeling abilities with others.

Susan Botarelli v2.jpg

Channeling has changed my life and made me feel so much more powerful in creating my life. I now am much clearer and feel more connected to my higher self. I can determine if something is the best path for me and get more guidance about how to handle issues and challenges in my work or relationships. The practical assistance I get surprised me! I use this connection for everything - from practical worldly questions to those that help me grow spiritually. I highly recommend this program

- Susanna Botarelli, USA


Overview of the Program

Monday, April 1 - Sunday, June 2, 2019

Although channeling is an innate, natural skill, most people don't learn to do this, Those who discover they can channel often doubt their abilities or question what they receive even if they do begin to access this connection.

The Conscious Channeling Program is a small group, online program and has four distinct, progressive phases, that work together to ensure you can develop a confident, reliable ability to channel higher vibrational energies, consciously and with clarity. You show up and participate willingly? You'll be amazed by what you can achieve. 



March 25. Before our program officially starts, we pave the way with some centering pre-work. Enrollment is still open during this week and the aim here is to lay the groundwork for personal success and create an amazingly supportive, positive circle for learning.

I will provide resources to help those joining the program become aware of the conditions that support channeling and begin to cultivate states of consciousness that will help you to clearly, reliably channel.

The preparation also includes a personal survey which you'll share with me. This is a way for you to articulate where you are as we begin this journey - what you've done already, what challenges you feel will be there for you or what you have already experienced, and insights about how you learn best.

The Conscious Channeling Program is a small group experience with a proven format that is then customized to the particular members of each program as a group. The assessment helps me know how to best serve you and ensure you get all you need to succeed.


allowing : April 1 - April 26

The Program Begins with a 4-Week Intensive Workshop.

The 5 essential components to a Successful Channeling Practice are introduced and taught through live calls (recorded) and short, guided activities. You’ll be shown and guided in opening up your inner connections, start to receive and learn to develop your innate abilities to translate vibrations and channel higher dimensional energy and information.

You’ll progressively strengthen your connection and build your confidence and capacity to consciously channel. Each week there will be opportunities to get individual mentoring in addition to being able to ask questions in weekly group calls. Our focus here is learning to allow higher consciousness to communicate with you, while you are conscious and discerning.

Each week as you channel you’ll be putting in place more of the pieces of a solid channeling practice. A regular weekly rhythm of working with each component begins and continues for 4 weeks. 

An overview of material covered in the 4-week intensive

Week 1

We will cover the ways you set standards, thereby determining the kind of energies you are willing and available to channel.  We will talk about how to prepare before we channel, what types of questions to ask and how to set intentions and create a good mode of receiving. We'll explore what Conscious Channeling is, how the energy fields are organized dimensionally and then together, we will Open up to connect with your guide.  The opening to start consciously channeling will be supported by Archangel Michael--who frequently supports new channelers in creating their connection and keeping their field clean and clear - and you will begin to experience your natural connection with non-physical fields through channeling.

Week 2 

Ailia will share her experiences of channeling and answer any questions based on the homework of channeling since the Week 1 gathering. We will talk about healthy energy practices in channeling; how to get around the mental blocks and distractions that sometimes interfere with clear channeling. We will talk more about the different ways energy flows through us, how messages are transmitted, how our current knowledge relates to what we channel and how you can assist through your approach to receiving. We will channel together and each of us will channel verbally or in writing as we choose and as is natural. 

Week 3

We will also discuss divination and how this relates to Intuitive Gifts and Channeling. We will explore the relationship of Intuition and our own connection and pace throughout the day to our Channeling Practice and the homework since the Week 2 gathering.  We will share our success and discoveries about what supports our channeling and begin to create a sense of how we channel best. 

Week 4

We will explore how channeling relates to intuition and other forms of "knowing."  We'll talk about when and how to share your channeling ability with others. If you wish there will be an option to channel for other classmates and have them channel for you. We'll discuss how to develop your abilities on an ongoing basis after the workshop and what other life practices may support your channeling. We'll talk about sharing your messages with others, with a strong focus on how to know if you're clear and how to trust yourself in sharing your work.  Prior to the Week 4 live call I'll solicit questions for your ongoing development and we'll also focus on the specific needs this group has before we move out of the intensive format and into our ongoing practice period.  

Live calls provided guided channeling experiences and opportunities for live Q&A and sharing. Systematic, progressive approaches for receptivity, specificity, translating, reflection and momentum will be shared. 

When I started, I was unsure of what I could receive. Now, I feel more confident and know that I have a connection open with the energies of the Universe! I feel that now I can direct my daily life in a better way asking for views on my problems, doubts or simply advice, and know that I can have a superb advice for anything.
— Clemence Villa, Italy

Developing INNER HARMONY - Half Day Virtual Retreat: April 13

Mid-way through the Intensive, as we create a solid foundation we will gather on Saturday, April 13, for a Virtual, Half-Day, Online retreat. The focus of this day will be expanding your relationship to clarity by exploring your relationship to your inner knowing.

A common experience when even thinking about learning to channel is doubt. The most consistent early comment by those discovering their innate ability to channel is second guessing themselves. Hesitation, uncertainty, timidity, and outright distrust happen to most everyone along the way. This retreat will provide proven tools to overcome these common experiences in working with non-physical energy.

Your capacity for discernment and willingness to trust yourself are important skills in your channeling practice. These are skills that can be developed.

In this one-day virtual retreat we will open more fully these pathways of connection and illumination, pre-paving the way for even clearer conscious channeling.  This is a highly experiential day, during which you will be supported cosmically and through sharing and teachings that guide you through a deepening of your own clarity, self-trust and confidence in accessing your inner guidance.  

The retreat will take place as a virtual event - a live, online experience. You may listen/participate via phone, or the web, or via the audio recording - whatever works best for you.

The Retreat is LIVE from 10:00 am pacific time, through 3:30 pm pacific time -- short segments with breaks. You may attend live, or participate in this as a self-guided/self-paced experience by listening to the audio recording after the event.



After the Intensive, we’ll have a week of integration and then move into four weeks of ongoing practice.

There is no substitute in developing a clear, reliable channeling practice than channeling often and moving through the natural feelings of doubt, resistance, and old habits that keep you from allowing yourself to be this empowered, aligned, capable and free.

Most people will find they can channel more easily than they realized. Yet doing so regularly and learning how to interpret your experience, move past the normal feelings of newness and also know how to discern when you’re channeling is clear and when it’s not, is what makes channeling a sustainable part of your life.

The ongoing practice part of the program offers opportunities to apply your ability in new ways, and integrate your learnings. You’ll be further refining your own best approaches and learning how to build your channeling practice so it works best for you. This is important both for strengthening your skills and for continuing to develop clarity, confidence and self-trust in your channeling.

We will have 5 weeks of this supportive, ongoing practice. Each week during the ongoing practice, you will receive guidance and suggested channeling exercise(s), to continue your exploration of your abilities. Ongoing mentoring will be available in the forum and a weekly Q&A call will be another chance to ask invite support and learn. You will continue to develop and build trust in your capacity, and further hone in on how you might like to use your Conscious Channeling abilities to connect with different kinds of fields and energies.

During this time, you'll be given suggested channeling practices, have a chance to share your channeling with Ailia and get feedback and if you wish, explore channeling for others. By the end of the program you'll be able to sustain your practice yourself and have confidence in what to do next, to develop further.


The program concludes with a Live Celebration on Sunday June 2. We will come together to celebrate! To acknowledge your experiences, have a chance to close our circle together and initiate a return to your lives with guidance for how to continue your channeling practice independently, next steps and to celebrate!

All materials/live experiences in this program are all available for you to download and keep everything, plus available in our private membership site to you online for one year from the program start date. Optional, next-level channeling opportunities also will be shared before the program finishes.

Throughout the program, access to Ailia for questions is ample. In addition to live calls each week, and an active, online private forum, 2, 30-minute personal mentoring sessions are included in the program to ensure each person has ample access to support and individualized guidance.

Nancy McMillan.jpg

Thank you for a fantastic Conscious Channeling Program. As you predicted, it has changed my life, and I feel as if I'm just at the beginning of that change. The most important thing is that I have become more sovereign, which is central to what I desired and central to the freedom of expansion.

You are an excellent teacher and your support was the most important part of the class. I knew it would be a safe experience with you as my teacher. You provided the structure, the safe environment, and the knowledge and experience of a master channeler, as well as very specific instructions. This allowed me to move into trusting my own inner knowing. I am so grateful for this experience.

- Nancy McMillan, USA


Channeling shifts you into a elevated life experience.

You no longer need to struggle. Life can happen easily and joyfully.

Ready for that?


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to connect directly with their own guide and cultivate their ability to channel for themselves. If you wish to channel messages or guidance for others, or to share publicly, opportunities to apply your practice this will be introduced in the program and if you wish you'll have the option to channel for others as part of this experience.

It's entirely natural to tune into higher energies, your higher self, your angels and guides. You are already translating vibration in other ways, using other senses, learn to use your innate abilities to channel consciously. Receive clear, useful, practical guidance and energetic support for creating your experience and participating in the divine plan.

It's important for you to understand that I am confident you can develop your ability to consciously channel--verbally and in writing.

I know if you show up and do what we suggest, if you explore and practice, you can open this ability up, cultivate it and develop an ability to read higher dimensional fields, channel higher dimensional energies. You can learn what a reliable channeling practice requires, and build habits and ways of being and relating to yourself that support your inherent capacity to channel.

Once you've gone through the program you will have learned to channel in a guided, systematic way, understanding how to overcome the common blocks and self-doubt that keeps people from feeling successful when they channel and knowing how to nourish an ongoing channeling practice that allows you to continue to grow and develop your ability.

Given this kind of support and progressive development, you will find you can use your natural ability to be a conscious channel with confidence, for yourself and/or others.

Furthermore, in this workshop, you will be supported not only by Ailia, but energetically, by Archangel Michael and the Council of the Radiant Light. With your permission, we will work together with the fullness of your being at a quantum level, assisting and supporting you.

The information I get while channeling is the perfect information for me to have at the time. I notice how much the channeling practice has evolved already. Feeling more confident, more supported and more connected - for sure!
— Graysee Allin Hempel, USA

Dates & Details


I’ll be sharing pre-work with all enrolled participants beginning Monday, March 25. You’ll be given some materials to lay the groundwork for success and help co-create our circle.

The program starts on Monday, April 1 and concludes with a closing celebration on Sunday, June 2. The program is delivered to you and taught through materials and live events you access via the internet, and you'll receive regular updates via email as well.

There are live calls each week during the whole program, and a private website where materials are posted. All live events will be recorded and you can join live or listen later to the audio file if you're not able to attend live. 

The time of the Live Calls will be determined once the program is full, based on a group survey.

You will have input on the live call schedule and receive a full schedule of all live calls at the start of the program. All live calls will be recorded so you can access them wherever you live, and join live as that works for you.

There will be a live, half day retreat on Saturday, March 13, from 10 am - 3:30 pm, pacific time.

The Closing Celebration is Sunday, June 2 at noon pacific time.

how an online program like this works

Each week we’ll have a live call. For the live calls there are local call in numbers for much of the US, Canada, the UK and Australia). If you cannot access a local number you can join via the web using a headset/microphone (I will recommend some if you need one) or Skype. 

A private website will be used to access all materials for the program.

We also have a private Facebook Group for sharing and discussion. This is optional, but highly recommended. Further details about this will be shared upon enrollment. Note that in this kind of setting only those in the group will see what you share. It is entirely private.

You'll have ample access to me for guidance and the ability ask questions verbally (via our live calls) and in writing in our Facebook group. You'll also have access to me for personal, private mentoring.* (2, 30-minute sessions for use during the program are included, and with the option to purchase more at a discount if you feel that would be beneficial).

You’ll be receiving updates and information via email, as well as accessing materials on our private website.

requirements to participate

You will need:

  • A reliable email address, access to the internet and headset so you can talk/share during our live calls.

  • Basic working knowledge of the internet - receiving/sending email, accessing/downloading digital files and attending webinars and using online links.

  • A method for typing/transcribing channeled messages and recording audio messages (we will discuss options for this as part of the program)

  • Willingness to carve out time to read/learn/listen and do the activities.

  • Willingness to ask questions and let me/us know where/when you need further clarification, guidance or support.

  • Willingness to honor the circle of the program and the other participants and to take excellent care of yourself during the program.

*Private, Individualized Mentoring

Two individual, 30-minute mentoring sessions for use during the program are included in the workshop for use during the program. These take place via my conference bridge which you can join via the web - I will make the instructions for joining available to you in advance and we’ll coordinate these sessions based on mutually agreeable times.

You can enhance your experience and add more time with me, during the program, time/schedule permitting. Optional additional private mentoring sessions are available at a discounted rate during the program, for use during the program - this will be shared during our first week together so you will know what’s available to you, should you wish more personalized attention.

Claude Scicluna.jpg

It was amazing to be part of this course. I always thought that channeling was something only a 'few' gifted people could do. I was so much away from being correct.

We can all learn this skill of Conscious Channeling - it is actually easy, I say this from direct experience, and what a joy and upliftment it is to channel. The benefits of learning how to channel are actually infinite just like we are infinite. The course was great and it delivered spot on. If you wish to acquire the skill of Conscious Channeling don't look any further, just jump into the next course Ailia and Archangel Michael offer. You won't regret it.

-Claude Scicluna, Malta


Channeling shifts you into a elevated life experience.

You no longer need to struggle. Life can happen easily and joyfully.

Ready for that?


NOTE: This is a small group experience and participation is limited.  Ever time this workshop has been offered it has sold out. If this is something you wish to do, reserve your spot now.



CANCELLATIONS/REFUND POLICY Please note, there are no refunds given for the Conscious Channeling Program once you enroll. Please be sure to read our policy for cancellations/refunds before completing your purchase. Enrollment confirms understanding of this policy and agreement to make all payments. 

The program was everything that I could have hoped for and then some. I’m feeling so much more clear and confident, and it’s got me looking forward to what’s next.

I definitely didn’t have the confidence that clear guidance would actually come every time. Or I was worrying that I would be “filling in” with my own mind if/when I couldn’t receive anything.

I’ve found a clearer understanding of the fullness of my being and my relationship to it. I’m feeling more clear in my daily life about what I want and why I want it and how to shift there more easily. I definitely have found more confidence in my own abilities both in the practice and in my life.

If you make the time to show up consistently and learn to listen and receive, you’re able to feel or understand just how tremendous and extensive the support from the non-physical realms are.

We all have legions of beings who love us, personally, and wish only for us to be free and happy and fulfilled. When you can feel that kind of support more often it can make a huge difference.
— Alex Koury, Japan

channeling supports us in having clear direction and achieving it.

Having a more elevated state of awareness, greater prosperity, inspiring vision and trust in yourself are natural outcomes of learning and practicing channeling. Over and over again I’ve seen participants come into their power with ease and grace.

If you feel a desire to channel, trust it! This is how our vastness guides us - through desire and what appeals to us!