Leveraging Unconditional Creation


UNCONDITIONAL CREATION // How do you want to feel today?

Taking time to think about how you want to feel and choosing that feeling state, unconditionally, is a new approach to my days which I am enjoying.

When we tune to the feeling first, then what comes to us is in sync with that. What are your favorite feeling-states? I made a list of mine recently:

JOY: Delight. A feeling that EVERYTHING is RIGHT. Feeling happy, safe, satisfied and comfortable. A feeling of great happiness and pleasure that lifts up the spirit.

And the closely related: PLEASURE/ENJOYMENT

AWED/BLOWN AWAY/THRILLED! - something that I feel when what occurs to me or what happens or what I see or experience is something truly breathtaking, life-changing in a beautiful exciting inspiring way, or somehow, stunning.

AMUSED/FUN: feeling things are fun, humorous, playfulness, laughing hard, laughing out loud. Delighted. Spontaneity.

ENTHUSIASM - VERY INTERESTED, EXCITED: desire to learn new things, see new places, feeling curious and eager to explore. Interested in a person, place, open to adventure and experience, discovery, learning.

CONFIDENCE: believing I can be, do or have anything…that I will be successful at anything I want.



These are some of my favorite ways to feel and know life. What are yours?

Knowing how we want to feel, then focusing on that, tuning to that feeling, unconditionally and first, is a wonderful way to experience the innate freedom that is ours. Feeling more free is such a pleasurable way to live.

When we start out day choosing how we want to feel, we go direct for what matters most to us. Rather than basing how we feel on circumstances and looking to situations to please us we can just decide to feel the way we want to feel, now. We can celebrate this approach knowing that what manifests in life simply reflects our state of being, our momentum. Living this way is skillful, self-loving and generous! 

Discovering our capacity to create unconditionally can build confidence and momentum in life that we will enjoy as the day unfolds and uplift all we encounter. What a wonderful way to start the day.




Royalty Free Photo sourced on Unsplash