Find the courage to be yourself in life.


Message from the Archangel Raphael
Transmitted July 2009

Channeled by Meredith Murphy |

Loved ones.  Beloved.  Beings.  Beings of light and love on the Earth plane.  I welcome you.  I welcome you to our connection.  I have longed for you to come to this moment in time, when you would desire, and open, to connecting with me. 

There is so much desire for the light and love within our realm to flow into yours. 

We long for the opening that allows the universe to provide all the energy, all the light, all the well-being, all the sense of confidence and capability within each of you such that you may fulfill your immaculate concept of who you are, your sense of self, your purpose, your destiny, so to speak.  

There are many words for that which we call this—this being: the expression of who you are on the Earth plane.  Through your thoughts, through your actions, through your behaviors, through the words that you use, through the things that you create, through the things that you create and the things that you long for.  All of these things define that which you are being and living and expressing and creating on this Earth plane.

The Earth plane is going through an enormous change and it is time for each of you to understand who you are.  Each of you has an important and unique role in the world as it is and the world will not be the same without you.

You must, you MUST, you MUST find the courage to be yourself in life.  To let go of those things which do not fit and do not be afraid that in doing so you will suffer.  Do not be afraid that in doing so anything, anything will happen other than you will gain, and expand and become more fulfilled.  More happy.  More easy with yourself.