Stop Pretending You're Not Awesome


by Ailia Mira


What if you opened up a new path in your life, right now.

You can you know.

I invite you to do that by deciding right now, to give up feeling less than, well ... anything? Right here, right now - just decide you are going to STOP pretending you're not awesome.


For starters, so much in life can be eased up, opened up, liberated and elevated by you coming into a truly, unconditionally loving relationship to YOU!

Also, nothing would go wrong. If you just gave up all other ideas about you, besides thinking you're pretty awesome, what problems would that create? Zero. Truly.

We're not talking here about some idea of, "I'm awesome and you're not." We're not talking about superiority or playing with a finite amount of French fries, we're talking about your mindset. Which is private and inside your head and completely something you can alter and shape.

Self-doubt, unworthiness, comparison, shame, feeling incapable, interpreting things as failure, self-criticism, etcetera... All of these are OPTIONAL states of being. They are viewpoints that won't feel good because All That You Are will not join you in ANY OF THEM. 

So when we choose to look at ourselves or our lives in these kinds of states of being, we diminish our alignment. As a result, we feel less than wonderful and if we stay in that mode for very long, or give it much attention, momentum gets going and IDEAS about why it's true, and what else is wrong with us are what pop into our minds. ICK!!!

If you haven't already done so, why not just just DECIDE NOW to give that all of those ways of being up.

You can decide that you're unwilling to think these kinds of things about you. You are powerful and can choose what you pay attention to and what you're no longer going to entertain. Yes it will take practice to do this. Yes you have habits of thought that will continue that you'll have to course-correct when they pop up. But you can handle that.

So again -

What if you just decided, right here, right now, that you're no longer willing to be anything less than a raving, love-filled CHEERLEADER to you, about you? To start amplifying your feeling of awesomeness and loving yourself?

My guess?

For starters, you would most likely EXHALE. Immediately. Tension would drain out of your body, your shoulders might move down and back a bit. You would find your belly softer too and you might notice, that you feel a bit lighter.

All of this indicates your alignment is better.

Now, stay here. Stay with it. Think of a few things about you that you can genuinely appreciate. Doesn't need to be a big deal. Let it be easy. 

Notice how you feel.

Focus on what feels better for just a little bit after not too long, better feeling thoughts will come into your mind too.

It really is this easy to feel feel better. To start feeling your own beauty as a real thing. You are this powerful. That truth alone might merit a revision of your sense of self, don'tcha think? So hey - stop pretending your'e not awesome!

What you give your attention to, what you invest your thinking in, grows. Why not use it to feel better? Right here, right now?