Do you matter to you?


If you believe your life is important...

You will pay attention to you. You will notice you. Because you will not be ignoring yourself, or paying more attention to others than you do to you, you will notice the inner signals that are constantly flowing to you, that can lead you to express your life more fully. 

If you value yourself...

You will not only listen to what arises within you, you will treat it with respect. You will honor yourself by trusting what you think, feel, care about and are experiencing.

The way we think about our lives and ourselves changes everything.

Questions are powerful; they express intention. I find reflecting on questions and choosing questions is a huge part of my life and work. If you entertain new questions, new things will come into your awareness. Try it and see. Experiment with your life.

How do you feel about yourself and your life? Do you think you matter? Do you live this in terms of what you do with your energy and time?




Royalty Free Photo sourced on Unsplash