Overcoming doubts that stop us.


Even when we want it, and feel excited about it, change can also be so uncomfortable. How do we flow beyond that and not get hung up?

I just launched my new website this past weekend. Whew! It was amazing to get clarity on how I want to express myself in the present and completely rebuild my website, right then. Took about 10 days, and I felt like I was in a CAVE. LOL Like I just had to stay with the flow and the clarity and give it expression.

It was also interesting to me how uncomfortable it was to make these changes. I kept feeling as if somehow changing things "was not safe."  Perhaps you can relate?

Isn't it amazing how hard wired we are as humans to feel "danger" when we create big changes in our lives? Even though I felt this change coming for a while, I had doubts about doing it. Even though I live in a state where I trust my knowing, and act on it, this change freaked me out. Repeatedly.

In fact, you might find it amusing (and comforting) to know that this past weekend, after getting everything pretty much done, I actually changed all my DNS records and starting back-pedaling to my old website setup. THIS WEEKEND. After working non-stop on this for a whole week. Crazy.

But the clarity kept flowing. Sometimes a bit overshadowed by my anxiety about change. I know well enough to understand that doubt is inner conflict. That when I energizing (pay attention) to conflicting thoughts, I get myself into a state of DOUBT.

When we're creating changes it's easy to do that. But it's also avoidable. Overcome-able.

What works? Focus on what you are certain about. Remind yourself about what you do know. Think things that feel good. In essence, withdraw attention from the topic that has a momentum of doubt/uncertainty/conflict/confusion and instead think about what feels good already and practice that energy.

A momentum of positive expectation can become a way of life. It's what we meant when we say EXPECT WONDERFUL. Because you know - we create our reality. And although we can't change conditions in an instant, we can shift our energy and as a result of that, new things arise, starting with emotions and then, showing up as manifestations.

What are you wanting to create but stopping yourself from, because of uncertainty or doubt? Perhaps remembering these things will support you in stepping into the life that calls to you more?

I hope so. I can tell you here, in a new experience that I knew was next for me, I am feeing happy and free. <3


Royalty Free Photo sourced from Unsplash