Allowing Wonderful People & New Friends


One of the gifts of understanding the vibrational nature of life is realizing everything comes about because of our focus. 

As I become more skillful in deliberately creating my experience, I do way less and receive much more. In fact, it is doing less action-wise, and spending less time trying to figure things out that is making the "more" possible.

By focusing less on doing and trying to make things happen, and focusing more on pleasure, visualizing, meditating, contemplating, appreciating....I allow Infinite Intelligence to bring things about for me. I choose to cooperate with the natural evolution of thoughts to things so I can experience what I've set in motion through my desires.

The entire Universe is operating along the lines of least resistance. When I line up with all that I am, I allow things to happen in a natural way, and that is an effortless and fun thing.

Here's a script I wrote this morning as I start to turn my focus to deliberately allowing more fun with new people, possibilities for travel and making new friends everywhere I go - because that idea came to me as something I felt like focusing on.


Morning Script Writing, 5 May 2018

I met a wonderful new friend. We were so excited to meet each other. I meet wonderful people everywhere. I make friends so easily. I make wonderful friends, very easily. People seek me out for friendship and I’m invited to wonderful events and experiences. It’s so fun to meet new people. I love meeting wonderful people.

I love how natural and effortless it is to be with the people I meet. It seems like no matter where I got I meet people who are happy. We have such a good time together.

I love being around people who are so easy going. I love how nice and friendly my neighbors are. I love connecting with people who are always smiling. I love how positive and happy my friends are. I love all the shared interests we have. I love being with people where it’s so natural and easy to have fun together. 

It feels so good to have such wonderful friends. I make friends easily and wonderful people show up in my life day after day after day. The world is full of wonderful people. There are so many fun people to play with. 

I love that when I am out in the world, when I am sharing my work, when I am walking my dog, in fact no matter where I am I keep meeting fun and happy people.

I love how good it feels when someone smiles at me and I smile back. I love how nice it is to share the pleasure of the day with the people I run into. I love that this simple thing can feel so nice and give me so much pleasure.

I love that when I am out and about, or when I travel, I always meet interesting, delightful people. It's so fun to have even more fun because of the wonderful people I meet along the way. We effortlessly just find more fun, no matter where we are. I love that we have such ease in our lives. I love that I get to travel a lot and see beautiful things, and I love sharing this with people who also take immense pleasure in life.

I love that I am getting to see so much of this amazing world and to share it with wonderful people. I love how enriched life feels when you get to share beauty or joy, or something fun or even just a smile with someone else. I love being on this planet, being here, now. I love feeling my connection to All That Is and I love seeing aspects of All that is all around me, in other people.

I love how good my life is and I love recognizing that I am shaping my experience! I love seeing the correlations between what I am doing vibrationally and what is showing up in my experience. I love what I am creating and allowing.

I love allowing myself to notice the way things come about. I love allowing myself to see and tune to the energies that are within me, always supporting me and having fun with me. I love recognizing the intertwining of the non-physical energies and me. I love noticing how precisely Creation can deliver to me demonstrations of how I am present vibrationally. I love adjusting my energy to have more and more experiences in my life that are fun and which give me joy.

I love how easy it is to feel good and I love noticing the things that I naturally, effortlessly appreciate. I love knowing I don't have to fix anything. I can simply focus on what feels good and allow everything else to shift and tune to that frequency of alignment and ease and joy and fun.

I love learning how to be a deliberate creator of my experience. I love knowing that I shape my life and that nothing is beyond my control or my reach. I am capable of feeling however I want to feel and manifesting whatever I want to be, do or have.

I love knowing that my inner being is always guiding me to the most fulfilling, easiest most joyful way of being in the present. I love knowing that the path of least resistance is my path of naturalness and ease.

I love living life with ease. I love letting things come about naturally. I love not forcing things. I love letting my innate desire and love of action and doing, be how I do things when I feel inspired to do them.

I love knowing that I don’t need to force anything. I love knowing that I don’t need to push myself. I love knowing that the Universe has my back. I love knowing that all that I am is always there for me, always guiding me, always offering to me, clarity on what will work now, what will be fun now. Influencing me in ways that guide me into even more allowing.

I choose to live my life on purpose. I choose to focus on how I feel and be deliberate in allowing and aligning with who I truly am. I choose to allow the vastness of my being to flow forth here, in me, through me, into expression.

I know that Creation is always expanding. I know that my role here is to enjoy myself. I know that my role in the creation of my life is to allow expansion by focusing in ways that give me joy. I know that my joy is an indication of my ALLOWING and my capacity to receive all the good things I desire.

I choose to allow Creation to manifest fully through me. I choose to allow as much of the good stuff that is naturally evolving from thought to thing, to come through me into my experience. I choose to be a vehicle for CREATION to be expressed, here and now in wonderful and very fun ways!

I choose to allow my flow. I choose to enjoy the feel of that flow. I know that how I feel is everything.

I love knowing that. I love understanding the laws of the universe. I love knowing what I want, and why.

I love knowing I’ll never get it done and I cannot get it wrong. I love knowing that no matter how I feel, I can look where I’m going and move into harmony with everything that is flowing to me. My natural state is high frequency, soaring and if I allow it, it returns. The easier I am, the better it gets.

I love knowing that LIFE IS here within me, with me, with eyes upon me, in love and appreciation for All That I AM.

I choose to know that I am a really good person. I am a really good person and I have decided to allow really good things to happen to me. I have decided to deliberately focus so I can allow the really good things that are flowing to me, to be realized by me.

I like how all this feels. I like how good I am feeling. I feel the speed and the expansiveness of my energy flow because I’ve deliberately focused in this way and I am so pleased by that. I am so pleased and taking so much pleasure in the way I can shape life in ways that feel so good to me and remind me of who I truly am.




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