Living Your Sovereignty

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The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira


Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. It’s good to be with you in this conscious, deliberate collaboration. We love that you are becoming more aware, on a daily basis, of the non-physical support you have at hand. We love being able to consciously co-create with you and we love that you are oriented to this support more often and that it gives you a profound feeling of well being.

Life on Earth. Such a beautiful experience in so many ways. Yet so many people find themselves in states of struggle, discontent, unhappiness, fatigue. We know you’ve each had experiences like this yourselves and yet we are excited for you that you’re realizing how you can shape your lives differently. Coming into a realization of your sovereignty is the most empowering experience in embodiment. Nothing can change your life like truly understanding that you are a sovereign being.

We want to speak specifically about sovereignty today so that there is no doubt in your mind as to what we mean and how you might leverage this reality for your joy.

To be sovereign is to be the absolute authority in your experience. You are a sovereign being. Not just eternally, but here - in your embodimed focus. To realize that you are sovereign is to take the reins in your life and begin to discover how to intentionally shape your experience.

Everyone is creating their personal reality. Each and every human being is a sovereign being. There are no exceptions. All of you create with your attention. All of you are focusers of energy and beings who flow energy with attention and with a dynamically changing point of view, which thereby informs - gives form, to the energy you flow. This is how you create everything you experience. When you are focused upon something, how you are focused upon it shape the energy you are flowing. Your choice in focus is not simply creating future experiences, it is also creating your current energy state. So as you are focused, the way you are focused, right here, right now, affects how your energy is right here, right now, and also creates a momentum of further experiences that are like the focus you have right now.

Recently we shared some communication with you about liberating yourself from limitation or lack. We described in that transmission how lack is the essence of everything you dislike. The opposite of lack, is abundance. To be abundant is to have what you want and to feel as you want and to know how to make that so, as your desires evolve.

To live being able to create what you want and to shape a life you love and to feel the ways you want to feel, is to know your power and to experience your abundance. You are meant to have these experiences right now, as you are. Nothing about you need change for you to feel this way and discover your inherent powers to shape your lives and your energy.

You don’t need to fix anything about yourselves, or unblock yourselves, or become more lovable, or worthy or anything. Anyone who teaches you ways to clear your energy field, or ways to unblock yourselves, or ways to heal yourself is very likely a well intentioned person, but they’re also offering you, likely without knowing so, an unnecessary detour to living as the sovereign capable being you already are.

When your life feels like it needs fixing, or you feel really lost or disconnected, or unhappy, it’s only the result of one thing - the way you’ve beein focusing. Meaning - the things your thinking about and how you’re thinking about them. When you’re looking at anything you don’t like, you create momentum in that direction.

Turn your focus to what you do like. You are infinitely free to flex your focus and therein lies your power.

As you focus upon things that feel good to you, you reclaim, in that very instant, your deliberate use of your sovereign power. You didn’t need to do anything to fix yourself first, you just flexed your focus and practiced, on pupose, getting a new momentum going. It’s really that easy.

For life to feel good and fun and easy and free, you might consider learning to let it be this simple.

Want to feel better? What more fun? Want to experience your innate and infinite power to create your life in ways you love? Be sovereign. Be yourself. Choose what you focus on and do it with wisdom and purpose. We suggest your purpose might be - what feels best to think about right now, given where I am. What feels even a little better. Get used to reaching a bit for more positive, more empowering, more uplifting thoughts.

Your whole life is sovereignly yours to create. You weave in and out of how aware you are of this. We are here, talking about these same wonderful things over and over and over again, for a singular purpose: to help you make real and important in your thinking that which matters most to you. To assist you remembering, and becoming accustomed to a life of sovereign, deliberate focus. With this, with our endless harping on these principles which you have in play already and our encouragement to claim them and use them on purpose, with awareness, we invite you to be who you truly are, and soar.

We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light