Living here as the real you.

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Today's Public Service Announcement:

The real you, is eternal consciousness. Vast, unlimited, creative and free. This is your innate capacity! It's real.

You can rediscover how it feels to be here, as you, by tuning to states of inner harmony, of alignment.

When you live here, allowing all you are to inform you, guide you, be present through you, your life begins to soar. You feel easy and light. You have clarity and awesome timing.

It's entirely possible to shift into this identity and watch your life transform as it syncs up with your new energy. As you change your sense of self, the energy you emanate changes. You create your energy and how you feel to others.

When you know yourself as vast, eternal consciousness, it occurs to you naturally, as completely matter of fact, that you are also PERFECT. AS YOU ARE.

There is nothing to fix. Nothing to heal, or mend, or overcome. There is simply you being here, making real what you think and what you invest your energy in...that IS YOUR POWER.

Your power lies in your mind, in your consciousness, in your ability to choose how you focus and what you focus on.

Yes, this is real. It can be learned and often needs to be, because you've practiced living in lots of other ways, doing what you think you should and paying attention to what you think you need to - in order to be liked, loved, successful, whatever...

The truth is ANYTHING you treat as important (pay attention to it) you make real.

No given that, what might you do now?