Infinite Freedom

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INFINITE FREEDOM // We are free. Most people aren't all that comfortable with the ultimate freedom of life, nor believe in it.

Most people I've met seem to have ideas that there is purpose, agenda, right and wrong. Things that need to happen.

Of course it's easy to feel that way. Because so many people think that way and we're influenced by what we encounter. But we do have other options.

There is an infinite openness right here, right now. A capacity within you and me, to choose what this moment feels like. What we look at, what we notice, what we do, how we're being.

Although those choices are simple and somewhat general, the consequences are everything. Those choices create our experience - what we know now and what we're resonant with, what we bring out of each other and Life, and what we feel.

Isn't it all about that? What we feel? Endless moments experienced and all moments add up to what we call Life?

If we feel good now, if we exercise our capacity to flex and choose and use it to optimize our experience of Now, can't life be exactly as we want it to be? Yes, it can.

What have you most wanted to feel in life that you've up until now, thought depended on something happening for you to feel it? What might you feel like if you let yourself enjoy that right here, right now? <3

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Morning Awareness, 20 March 2018