What matters to you, matters.

Lily & Ailia Holiday 2017.png

My Friend -

Thank you for being part of my life in 2017. I was feeling into the gift I could give to you, this season that would mean the most.

I realized it was actually a message! That shouldn't come as a surprise given that I am a messenger :) ha ha ha.

So here it is:

Beautiful Being: dare to believe that what matters now, and what matters every moment of life is what matters to you.

Each of us are perfect expressions of Life. Each of us have the potential to live life fully in so many beautiful and awe inspiring ways. Each of us are free to choose what we invest in with our focus and thereby make real.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time in life thinking about and pondering, "What is my purpose?" We want to live meaningful lives, we're wired this way and it feels like to live a meaningful life, to make a difference, we need to know what our purpose is.


There is another way to accomplish this. A way that is fluid and natural, simple and direct: trust what matters to you

Dare to believe that Life is arising within you, nudging you toward the best ways to be here. You can allow yourself to relate to what you desire as intelligent guidance; the wholeness of life showing you how to be who you truly are.

This holiday season, no matter how life is going for you. No matter what you want and how close that is, or how far away it seems, may I affirm that?

I believe that what you want IS how Life is communicating with you. 

I invite you to be who you want to be here! I encourage you to go all-in in being the version of you that gives you joy!

I am with you on this. I am happy to support and inspire you in that and also share the journey. 

This holiday and as you consider 2018 and what that might be for you, I invite you to allow yourself permission to reach for what you want with joyful exuberance.

Choose what feels good to you, what makes you happy. Over and over and over again...

With love,