Essentials for channeling clearly.


Whatever you believe about life will affect your channeling. It will determine the fields you connect with and how you perceive the communication.

If you believe the world is flawed your channeling will reflect that, and you will connect with non-physical energies that further that conversation within you. 

Channeling, like everything in life, is energy seeking its own resonant connections. When we consciously channel, we’re moving into an altered state of consciousness so we can connect and communicate with non-local, non-physical, fields of consciousness. The level of consciousness that we connect to is determined by the degree of inner harmony we are in, with our own direct connection to wholeness.

This is why if you wish to channel anything - art, writing, guidance or insight for others - in coherence, clearly, it is first of all essential that you do two things:

1) Be in the best state of alignment possible, yourself; and

2) Be aware of your own limiting beliefs and patterns about life so you can do what you can to alleviate filtering what comes through you, in ways that amplify limitation and distort the clarity you have the potential to access.

Channeling always happens through a connection with your Soul Self, your vastness.

the first criteria for clear channeling is inner harmony.

A practiced state of alignment with all you are is an excellent foundation for channeling.

In order to achieve inner harmony, you first have to feel for it and know how to tell what degree of harmony you’re in.

We all know what feels right to us, true, natural, easy and obvious. When we are feeling and flowing our lives in ways that feel true and effortless, when we are feeling easy and light emotionally, these are good indications of currently being in a beneficial state of inner harmony. Learning to live this way creates a wonderful foundation for channeling coherently. This applies to living your life as a channeled experience of all that you are and doing intentional, conscious channeling of non-physical energies.



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