Feeling Awesome


As some of you know, I write every morning. I do this to create the way I feel.

By choosing to focus on ideas or thoughts that empower me, and putting them into words, I amplify these perspectives within my consciousness, remind myself of the thoughts that I want to center my life in and the cumulative process of writing down and thinking positive, empowering thoughts creates a momentum in my life that feels tremendous.

When I do this writing I start very general - not usually talking about specifics and I like to choose things that are unconditional when possible. Thoughts that are not based on circumstances or things happen in my environment. Not always, but it's powerful to learn and practice unconditionally creating our state of being, our mindset and our energy momentum.

I usually write starting where I am and reaching for thoughts that feel totally good; thoughts about which I have no resistance. This morning I was thinking about a conversation I had with one of my neighbors while out walking Lily. Here is the morning momentum that came from where I began. 

Perhaps in reading this you will feel a shift in your own energy. You will notice you feel better, lighter, freer, more open and alive.

Anything we pay attention to, we are tuning ourselves to. Nourishing our mind, our consciousness, with uplifting, positive thought is powerful. Focusing on these kinds of thoughts affects you in the present, as you do it, in ways that are beneficial immediately in terms of how you feel and what unfolds in your day from there.


Morning Writing, 23 April 2018

I love my mind. I love it’s capacity to focus and I love knowing that what I focus on, is what becomes real to me, and feels natural and easy to me. I love knowing that what I focus on gains momentum. I love knowing that what I think repeatedly becomes a more established pattern of thought and I love using those things to my benefit.

I love feeling good. I like feeling happy and free. I like when I wake up in the morning and I feel eager. Optimistic. Happy. Satisfied with sleep and at the same time, feeling a positive sense of what is about to unfold. I like waking up in the morning with a sense of profound awe and gratitude that I’m here and I get this day. I get to have this day, to explore, expand, experience, learn, grow, interact, and feel the way I want to feel.

I love knowing that I create how I feel. I love knowing that feelings reflect my focus. When I am focused in ways that are empowering, I feel good. When I’m focused in ways that are positive and hopeful, I feel good. When I’m focused on all the ways things are going well for me and all the things in life I love and enjoy, I feel good

I love knowing that I am free to choose what I pay attention to and doing this creates my mindset and how I feel as well as my life. I love knowing that how I feel is an indication of my energy state, the way I’m present and that life shows up in my experience in my awareness, through resonance. Like attracts like. How I am focused and what I am feeling determine what I experience. What ideas come into my head, what opportunities feel available to me, what choices feel easy and natural and what kinds of experiences manifest in my life.

I love knowing that I am the creator of my reality. I am the center of my universe. Life is responding to me and I can choose what I am responding to and how I am responding. I love knowing that I can change how I am focused at any moment in time and as I change how I am focused, corresponding changes happen in my energy. I can feel how my energy changes by how my emotions change. My emotions are always indicating to me, how empowered my perspective is. How much I am allowing myself to feel and think in ways that serve me.

I love that. I choose today to focus on feeling good. I love knowing that when I am feeling good, I am empowering myself to have the best day possible. I love knowing that when I am feeling good, my presence can uplift others. I love feeling good simply because feeling good feels good. I love being happy. When I am happy I feel capable and life feels fun to me. When I am feeling good things I want to learn to do, things that I may have avoided doing, often feel different to me - easier, more accessible, more possible, even like what I want now, to work on, to engage with, to focus upon.

I love that when I take care of my mindset and focus on feeling good, I practice thoughts that serve me. I love knowing that the more I think thoughts that serve me the more my brain gets used to thinking that way. I love knowing that the more I empower my brain with positive thoughts and loving perspectives that help me to feel relaxed and happy, appreciative, and confident, the more those thoughts will be easy to access and eventually become natural parts of how I think about myself and my life. I love knowing that repetition of positive, empowering thoughts can elevate my mindset and give me a whole new level in which to live and experience life.

Today I choose to contribute to that, by focusing on things that make me feel hopeful, and free, by noticing how I am feeling and choosing to focus on things that are positive and uplifting.

Today I choose to feel good and to empower myself to have a a really wonderful day.

Why not write yourself into an excellent groove before you start your day? You can teach yourself to feel awesome, unconditionally. It's amazing and powerful and feels so good!!!




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