Choosing to Enjoy Life

moonstone beach by Viktor Elizarov.jpg

ENJOYING LIFE IS SIMPLE. It is a choice and one we can make in any moment.

And, it feels good to enjoy life.

It feels good to wake up in a warm bed with soft sheets. It feels good to breathe.

It feels good to see the sky in the morning. To pull the curtain aside and look out the window and notice the weather.

It feels good to wash my face, to make the temperature the way I like it and enjoy the coolness.

It feels good to taste an espresso and put my socks head out the door with Lily in my flip flops, feeling the wet grass and the fresh air. It feels good to watch the squirrels and the dogs watching the squirrels. To smile and visit a bit with my neighbors.

It feels good to enjoy life and to notice such pleasurable things and to then lean back and let the momentum of JOY draw to me, an amazing and wonderful day. <3

Enjoying life is simple. It's always available as an option and it has such nice benefits.

-Morning Awareness, 8 April 2018