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My name is Ailia Mira. I am a conscious channel, writer, teacher and artist. I experience life multidimensionally and am facile in shifting my consciousness to access different streams or fields of awareness. I live in conscious connection with the seen and the unseen aspects of life. I am aware of my own vaster wholeness and I have human friends and non-physical friends. I communicate with both. 

You can read more about the fields I tend to communicate with here. I often translate the energy I receive in this experience into words, as well as remote energy transmissions. The language based translation of these energies can be spoken or written word. Any of these translations contain both energetic and symbolic transmission. 

I share what I experience as truth, here, and in the programs and coaching experiences made available through Expect Wonderful. I invite you in experiencing this work, to bring your own discernment to this (and all you encounter in life). I/We see you as sovereign, capable, significant and with your own innate and directly access to truth and knowing. Our intention is that what we share here will inspire and support you, in living a life of joy, wholeness and authentic empowered self-expression.

Although channeling may be new to you, most of us tap into and even deliberately create states of consciousness because we like what happens and what we can feel and experience in different states of being. Learning to meditate, expressing ourselves in a creative flow, allowing inspiration and channeling are all ways of accessing the vaster unseen energies of life to expand our experience. Whether you think of this as spiritual, psychic, religious, or use other labels about it is up to you.

I view the experience of sensing subtle and invisible energies as natural and normal. I use my consciousness deliberately so I can feel good and create the life I want to experience. The experience of living this way, for me, is one of ease, abundance, clarity, peace, a deep sense of connection and support as well as inspiration and flow. I have abundant energy and physical well being, which I attribute to these spacious states of consciousness and the alignment that allows me to flow them into my experience.

We (me and my non-physical friends), offer programs in: discovering and reconnecting with who you truly are; learning about the primacy of consciousness and how to live your life grounded in universal principles. We also bring this orientation to life to programs focused on empowered creativity and self-expression, solopreneurship and the art of creating meaningful work, and support those interested in learning to communicate and channel their own higher selves and other non-physical/non-local energy fields.

Learning how consciously channel, and doing it as a regular practice will powerfully contribute to your capacity for alignment, living in higher consciousness states, accessing ideas, inspiration, clarity and for living a sovereign life of freedom, joy and ease.

If you'd like to experience a series of channeled communications that are focused on guidance in specific areas of life and can help you shift your consciousness and what unfolds in life, join an program in the Conscious Evolution Series. To read and experience the energy and practical guidance of channeled messages, please visit our blog. For regular updates, including invitations to new programs and products, please subscribe to our mailing list below.

Lastly, when reading this work, as with everything you pay attention to in life, trust your inner sense of what is relevant/resonant/true and thus, beneficial, for you. We suggest you focus more on what you love, what feels good, what opens you up, relaxes you, elevates and inspires you. Life is meant to be a joyful experience of self-expression, sharing and co-creation. We expect wonderful! We encourage you to embrace that view too.

With love,

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