The Value of Going Within


The entire universe is inside you.

Everything we need can be found by going within. It's an amazing things to discover this first hand. There is no substitute for learning you really can trust Life and that you can feel within you for the wisdom that is there just for you, to guide you and support you.

Life is supporting us, generously, and can guide us from within, to allowing everything we care about. We have access to that power, right here, right now and really, only right now. Only in the present is there power, and in the present, that power is absolute. We can use it in ways that are wise and serve our joy and well-being, or not. It's up to us.

In my experience all of this begins by paying more attention to yourself, with interest and curiosity.  Exploring within and feeling your way. Trying things out and daring to trust what feels true to you. 

When you take your own sense of what is true as something you can live from, you discover how to feel your own access to inner knowing. You are One with everything and have access to anything. Although this might seem impossible, it all begins with noticing what feels right to you, and starting to live from your inner knowing.

What could you do today to be more in touch with yourself? To listen to and honor yourself more fully? 

I encourage you to do what comes up for you as you consider that question. If you were to do that more often, you will see what comes from that inner sense of what feels right, or true for you and I promise you, this capacity is already yours. You have it within and you can get more comfortable with it, and learn to trust yourself and as you do this, discover, the massive support of Life that is here for you!

* Bonus? Doing this is an act of self-love: radical and liberating!


photo is an illustration by Mia Charro