Create Pathways You Love!

You are light; eternal, perfect, infinite and brilliant. Your life, here, is an expression of all that you are.

The expression of your vastness, is about the pathways you create for light to flow. How clearly, fully and freely light flows into expression here, is all about the energy structures you make real and perpetuate.

To be you, brilliantly…

To be you, clearly and more and more fully…

THIS is made possible by your pathways — the way you allow your life to take shape, be expressed, manifest. The energy structures you make real.

You create your reality. You are sovereign in your reality. This is true if you choose to create limitation or you choose to create infinite freedom, and all versions in between.

How your life unfolds, how you feel, what you think - all of these are pathways for energy!

These pathways are structuring and shaping, flowing energy into vibration, which Law of Attraction responds to, delivering “like” energy to you, as your unfolding experience.

You experience this within you as ideas, awareness and insight, and in your life as circumstances, relationships, income, cash-flow, people, health, ideas, awareness, self-image, sense of identity, daily experiences, and the corresponding people, circumstances and situations that show up.

ALL of what shows up in your daily life, matches this - your practiced pathways of energy flow.

Practiced patterns of thought, create familiar versions of what-is.

Familiar ways of acting, perpetuate existing outcomes.

Limited pathways produce limited results.

Yet, every moment of every day: YOU are free to choose the pathways you energize, make real, create.

You have the capacity to notice what you’re thinking, pause, edit, revise and express. You are free to create the way you use energy in focus.

What you’re capable of, what your true possibilities are, is different than your existing pathways.

There is the established momentum, in thought and action, that you’re living, and the results in terms of emotions, mindset and manifestations that come from this.

And then, there is a wide open field of potential. An unlimited field, free, and uninformed, tuned into you and responding to your bidding! Your focus! Your choices to structure energy in form. Life is listening to YOU.

Your practiced, established pathways send messages, energetically. Communicate what you expect and define what you easily manifest in experience. Yet your possibilities are beyond this - they are infinite!

You can create new pathways; pathways that affirm you, empower you, make your whole in life your experience! You can structure reality to mirror who you truly are; brilliant, coherent, harmonious, powerful and free.

You can create pathways that you love.

Pathways of thought and energy that liberate the REAL YOU, here. The you that calls to you from within and longs for freedom of expression, fulfillment, and joy.

You have infinite potential!

You were born to succeed! You have what it takes to be BRILLIANTLY, you!


Our Invitation to You

Message from Archangel Ariel

Beloved One,

What we want to share with you about this new experience of co-creation is this: we will reintroduce you to the perfect, coherent and natural harmonics, of self-esteem, creative power and confident participation that you came here with.

In essence, we will attune you to these and issue infusions that provide energetic entrainment to the harmonics of each of these truths.

These harmonic pathways exist within you, yet some or many may have become inactive as years of practiced expectation made other pathways of perception real.

We invite you to enjoy the graceful and easy return to your true state.

In connection with all you are, we will progressively, sequentially, re-activate, amplify and articulate these powerful capacities within you. Reminding you of some thing you will benefit from thinking about you, when you think of you.

We will provide simple, specific suggestions for you to begin to consciously practice, play and perpetuate these innate truths, creating new momentum in your current experience.

Our Aim? The brilliant being you are, uncovered, lit up, and amplified.

That is our intention and the invitation of this program.


We’d Love for You to Participate!

Join us, for a powerful, fun, enlightening and encouraging program, where you rediscover and USE, your capacity to create your life to create, experience and in a sense “gift” yourself with the best mindset, attitude, expectations and ways of being - the ones you fully intended to access, know and operate from, when you came here.

Being You Brilliantly, is an Experience of…

Enlightenment, Support, Guidance & Fun

Progressive Transmissions.png


Attuning you to new energy states, the foundation of this program is regular, rhythmic, progressive channeled transmissions.

These will be delivered as audio files and written material each week. You’ll find them enlightening, encouraging, clear, practical and with specific practices for you for the week that support you as you make connections, notice and edit existing pathways, create new pathways and internalize them.

Energy Infusions.png


The frequencies of empowered pathways are vibrational. Words are translations of these structures. As you sleep, you’ll receive remote energy support, infusing you with the specific frequencies and harmonics of the best pathways for you.

Each week’s written materials will explain the energy infusion (giving words to express the vibrational composition) and suggestions for further acclimating to the new and more beneficial pathways.



Confused? Not sure you can make it real even though you want it?

These are symptomatic of existing patterns of doubt - having things we want which we are no sure we deserve, can have, are ready for, etc.

Two live Q&A Sessions will provide a way to bring up the questions and topics that matter to our group, as a way of creating new pathways relative to THESE important specific things that matter to you. We will show you how; demonstrating ways to notice, edit and create the pathways for joy relative to these important topics and experiences.

You’ll be invited to submit questions for these sessions and benefit both from personalized guidance and from the questions asked by others. These sessions will be recorded and the audio file available to listen and/or download. You do not need to attend live, to be able to submit a question for these sessions.


Enrich Your Experience

Private Session.png


We love to join Ailia and collaborate with you in private session work. We offer in-depth, personalized guidance, energy attunement, transmissions and coaching. Typically this is only available to Ailia’s longer term coaching clients. For this program the addition of a small number of Private Sessions will be available. Private Sessions are practical, life-affirming, powerful and game changing experiences.

If that appeals to you, we’d love to support you in this way. You may enrich your experience by adding a package of two private sessions to the program. These sessions will be conducted on Ailia’s conference bridge (which you may join via phone or the internet using a headset). Instructions will be sent once you enroll. Your private, channeled consultations will be scheduled during the program and recorded for you to keep, re-listen and may, if you wish, be transcribed (additional fees apply).


The Details: Who, What & When

We invite you to join us for a series of transmissions in which we will provide experiential means by which you can engage your powerful capacity to focus and feel in your own consciousness, the direct knowing of how your life here is coming about.

In this program you'll be receiving and collaborating with the vastness of your being, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light.


This program begins upon enrollment, with a remote energy infusion that night while you sleep.

This is followed by a written channeled transmission the next day, articulating the harmonics of the first infusion.

The moment you embrace your ability to create new pathways, you begin!

You are powerful, eternal and free.

Nothing limits you. You decide what is real for you!


Please note: this experience will shift the balance of your focus from the physical, more to the non-physical. You will live with a sense of the vibrational unseen aspects of life feeling quite real to you and with that shift, your capacity to know bliss and exhilaration, in this conscious co-creation will exponentially expand.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, we invite you to join us now, for this collaboration.


11 weeks, beginning the evening you enroll

This program begins immediately upon sign-up. The evening of your enrollment you'll receive a personalized attunement, via a remote energy infusion, as you sleep.

A written translation, putting into word of the harmonics of this Infusion will follow on the next week-day, along with program details.

Then we will begin a weekly rhythm of insight, shifts, attunements, energy infusions, practice and refinement,

Liberating the real you, clearly, truly.


An 11-week unfolding of new pathways

The program begins the evening after you sign up, with your first Remote Energy Infusion, and continues for 10 more weeks.

You’ll receive a series of progressive Energy Infusions, Channeled Transmissions including suggested Weekly Practices and Focus to create new pathways.

Q&A Sessions offer opportunity for in-depth revision and creation, with demonstrations and support.

Optional Private Sessions (details to follow) will be arranged within the program to further support your exploration, elevation and refinement.

— 11 Remote Energy Infusions given on Wednesday evenings from Archangels Ariel, Michael & Raphael, the Council of Radiant Light, the Galactic Dragons, and others (tba) as you sleep;
— 11 Channeled Transmissions with commentary on the Wednesday infusions, delivered on Thursdays, via email.

The transmissions may vary. We will be open to the translation that best serves YOU. Some may be guided meditations (audio), some maybe written transmission for reflection and contemplation. These will be paired with 11 remote energy infusions + an attunement upon sign-up.

You will have all you need to support you in creating new pathways of joy, love, expansion and brilliant self-expression!

Note: the Remote Energy work that is part of this program is gentle and natural - it is given as guided by the vastness of your own being and only by your permission - in your embodiment.

You may find yourself feeling shifts in consciousness, new ways of perceiving may emerge, etc. More details on each week's energy work will be given in the weekly email updates so you can participate consciously in these experiences.

Your Participation

You create your reality. Your focus is powerful and sovereign.

We offer to you perspectives that support you in using your powerful creativity for joy, and to create a life you love.

Each week you will receive a new infusion of energy, attuning you to wholeness and this will be accompanied by transmissions that elevate, clarify and support you in knowing HOW to create new pathways of expression.

We will provide suggestions for how to use your focus to work with the materials in the channeled transmission and to support integration of the Remote Energy Infusions.

Your weekly focus may be as simple as spending time daily, contemplating what is given and making connections to the rest of your life by applying these transmission and making connections by noticing your experience.

It may be about specific thought-forms and assimilating these as pathways so you can empower new experience. The guidance will speak to you personally and to the group who join. There may be more specific suggestions for using your awareness, focusing in particular ways, revisiting a guided meditation, or other approaches that facilitate application and integration.

We will respond to YOU.

This experience is progressive and requires your active participation - in focus and willingness to explore, notice, experiment and reflect.

This program is entirely new and the format of the infusions and transmissions will be channeled live.

Know that the specific and perfect composition of this experience already exists as a coherent wholeness, based on who you are.

We offer this because you have asked and we are very happy to do so. 

We are eager to come together with those of you who have summoned this work as you embrace this invitation, ready to receive and willing to become Consciously Aware of experiencing more of who you truly are, here. Understanding you create the way light flow and expresses and can shape your experience intentionally.

It is our great joy to play in this way!

Thank you, for the opportunity to co-create.

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Your investment is $1,111

Payment in full will give you the best pricing. Four equal payments is also available.

I'm IN. I'm ready to reshape the pathways of my experience!

I'd love to be part of this co-creation!

Yes! I'm Excited to Create New Pathways! + Payments are great for me.
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Get yourself GLOWING, now.

Upgrade to the Platinum Package

Being You, Brilliantly + Personal Sessions Package

Optional: Add a package of two private sessions (approximately 90 minutes each) - get coaching and channeled support PLUS the full series of energy infusions and transmissions. Available to a limited number of enrollees for $2,222


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I'm IN. I want the full program AND private sessions.
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Note: this enrollment includes TWO Private Sessions.

FYI. I do not do private sessions anymore, except for those involved in longer term coaching agreements. This platinum package offer is an special opportunity to experience in-depth, customized personal support for a short period of time and create amazing results.


What you'll need to participate:

- Be willing to take full responsibility for your own well being, to participate sovereignly, and to use your own discernment in experiencing the transmissions.

- Have access to a reliable email account and internet access. All materials will be available as links to digital files sent to you in weekly email updates. So you'll need an email address you can access and the ability to download/read PDFs, listen to and/or download .mp3 files.

- Understand that Expect Wonderful Programs are subject to our existing legal policies - purchase indicates agreeing to honor these policies (links to policies may be found at the bottom of each page on our site).

- Understand these programs are entirely new - channeled live/as we experience them and summon them, together. 

- Actively participate: you will be encouraged to invest time each week, receiving the Energy Infusions and working with that week's channeled transmission. Reflecting, applying and considering the opportunities for change and mastery that you see in your life, as your consciousness shifts. You are an active component in this program and determine what you are able to receive.

More about what to expect:

- You will receive an email update from us each Thursday at noon pacific time, with links to access the new materials for that week and any additional commentary on the Wednesday Evening Energy Infusions that are given.

-The energy infusions will be gentle and gradual, specific to who you are and constellate within your embodied energy a full template of your wholeness. You will feel this fill in as the program unfolds.

- In this program you'll be collaborating with the vastness of your being, Infinite Intelligence, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light and more!

-Enrollment will close when the group is full, or around when we begin, in essence, when I'm guided that we are all here, and shown to close the circle.

If all this FEELS to be YES! for you (please check in with you, now), then please join us!

We'd LOVE to share this with you!