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17       Be Gentle With You

7         Where Your Abundance Truly Lies


19       Allowing the Greatness That Is You

5         Realizing Your Creation


26       The Best Possible Way to Be Here, As You

19        Your Mind Can Be Open, Radiant and Stabilize Your Life

12        Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow

7          Empowering A Life of Ease


29       Discovering the Perfection of You

24       The Generosity of You Being You

17        Reclaiming Your True Foundation

2          Empowering the Easy Way


28        How Your Experience Comes About


28       How Your Sovereignty Affects Others


24      Hesitant To Put Yourself First?

1        Living Your Sovereignty


26      Deactivating the Energy of Lack (Limitation)

23      Navigating Your Embodiment

2        How to Allow Your Expanded Energy Flow


24      Reclaiming Your True Foundation

8        Discovering the Perfection of You


23      Living as Your True Self

14      Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness


18      Liberating Your True Expression

5        An Invitation for this New Now

1        2017, the Energy of One



20      Experiencing Unconditional Love

21      Celebrating You!

14      December Solstice & the Emerging Potentials


30      A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom

24      Unconditional Love & the Value of Being Here, Now

20      Focus on the Light Within You

9        Navigating Life in Clarity

2        Hope, Liberation & the Rise of the Creator Gods


26      We're Shifting Because of What You're Becoming (Stop Apologizing For What You Want)

12      Spherical Expansion into Greater Unity

5        New Spectrums of Your Wholeness


28      New Realities Open. Passion Returns.

21      The Equinox, the Void & Letting Go

14      Human Emotions & the September 16 Lunar Eclipse

7        Encouragement.


31       Divine Expression. Start Now.

24       The Eclipse Cycle, and Your Innate Authority

17       Opening of the Eclipse Cycle

17       The Time is Now - Be You, and Thrive

10       Passé Energy Structures are Clearing


21      The Promise of Ascension

15      Reassurance in Difficult Times


17      The Great Invitation


1        The Way is Open


24      Unfolding the Pure Line of Spirit

20      It Is Up to You


5        You, in Your Humanness, Are the Key


8        Resting in Universal Fields Accelerates Your Evolution

5        The Planetary Parade


28      Choosing a Soulful Life

20      Igniting Awareness: Earth's Space-Time Dynamics



18      New Earth/New Human: Qualities of Being, Part 1


25     The Indicators that Your Old Life is Over

13     Message for All Lightworkers: the Awakening of Love

3       Leading Edge Makes a Quantum Leap


15      The Spaciousness of New Potentials

14      Eras Merge into Simultaneous Time: the Eclipse Cycle

8        Moving from the Material to the Multidimensional

2        Things are Lightening Up


25      Divine Embodiment

15      September Equinox, 2013: Rebirth

10      Living as Light Transforms Your Relationships

3        Multidimensionality & Preparing for the September Equinox


17      The Purity of the New Age Arises

9         The Quiet Restructuring of Life


22      The Great Mystery of You

14      Notes: The Body Enters the Game. Big Time. 


20      Solstice Message: the New Human & the New Earth

12      Powerful Currents of Universal Energy

6        June 8 New Moon & the Living Library


27      How to Access the Momentum of Ascending Energy

20      Notes: Ascending Currents Open Life Up

17      You Are in a New Situation

13      Ascending into Newness

2        Opening to Your Multidimensional Presence as Identity


7        Everything is Opening: DNA, Time, Cultures ...

1        April Energy Update: What if...?


29      Mini-Energy Update: Your Amplified Presence

26      Post-Equinox Full Moon: Passage to Fulfillment

17      News: Atlantis Returns & the Law of One, Equinox 2013

14      March Equinox, 2013: the Re-instatement of Love

1        March 2013: Keys to Participating in the New Reality 


25      Learning to Sing Your Song

20     There is a New Tonality Shaping You

1       Energy Update: Map of the New Reality


16     You ARE the Blueprint: Let Go and Be You!

12     You're Now in Your Element

5       A Strange and Beautiful Time



17     Energizing the New Human Template

10    12:12:12 & the Birth of Unity Consciousness

4       Energy Update: Insights & Support for December 2012


24    Orienting Transmission from the Omni Mind of Creation

21    The Divine Openings of Creation are in Pivotal Alignment

6      Dancing with Your Inner Sun: Building Illumination


26    Mini-Energy Update: Be Just As You Are

8      Acclimating to Expansion & 10-10-10 Qualities Revisited


28    Support the Physical Manifestation of Your Ideals

19    September Equinox, 2012

10    Live the Qualities and Extensions of Joy

7      Attuning to the 9-9-9 Amplified Grid Energies

4      Emerging Potentials: September Energy Update


24    7th Inning Stretch - Getting a Second Wind

14    Energy Theme: the Arc from July to the September Equinox

14    Encouragement & Invocation for Challenging Times

10    July Energy Reflections: the Fruit of 2012


28    Energy Update: Emergence, the End of June

17    Energy Update: Integrating the Venus Transit


17    The Eclipse Passage Message from Archangel Michael

15    Victory Embodied: Claim Your Life as Light

14    Beauty and Light Amplified: the Venus Transit

2      Liberating the Physical Template of the New Human


3      Greetings from Venus, Message from Sanat Kumara


28    The Divine Dialogue

13    Open the Inner Door to the Divine Being that is You

3      Awakening Flows into Transparency: the Seat of Your Awareness Elevates


6      Revise Reality to Experience Your Heart's Desires

1      Energy Update: Ascension Draws Near



17    Progression Toward the Rainbow Light of the Golden Dawn


23    Orienting to the Eclipse Passageway, Message from Archangel Michael

10    11:11:11 Stargate: Revisiting Multidimensionality, Sacred Geometry and New Beginnings

7       The Doorways of Infinite Time 11:11:11

4      11:11:11 Approach Ignites the Passion of Divine Union


24    The Big Show Anticipates 11:11:11


22    Emissaries to Earth: Bring Forth Your Light

4      Loosening Structures and Igniting Codes


22    What is Happening on the Planet?  Vast Revision is Underway

2      Getting a Second Wind, Grounding to Create Change


28    Spaciousness and a Loss of Identity

27    Orienting to the 5th World of Peace

24    The 5th World Prophecy is Fulfilled


28    True Identity within Infinite Time

26    Converging as Infinite Time

9      Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace


28    The Light of the New Creation Flows Forth

11    Kindness and Gentleness Turn the Keys

9      Energy Mashup: Being and Doing

3      The Newness You Are, Begets the Culture You Seek


27    The Alchemy of Remembering the Origin of Joy

18    The Dawn of Creation is at Hand


29    Underlying it All

16    A Pivotal Moment


25    Residents of the New Earth: Arise!

17    Understanding Yourself as an Energy System

3      New Earth Essential Revealed


25    The Soul Speaks

10    True Identity Emerges: Get Lean

5      2011: the Energy of Joy



21    Realize Your Newness


29    Stillness within the Eye/I, that I AM

23    Part 2: Emergence of My Crystalline Geometry, Experiential

19    Intensifying the Shift to Crystalline.  Creating Our Galaxy to Support Our Intentions.

10    Multidimensionality, Sacred Geometry and New Beginnings

5      Enter Wholeness


26    The Implications of Embracing Wholeness and Money

16    Arrival: Newness and Flowing the I AM

10    Beyond the 10:10:10 Stargate

2      There is Only One Way to Get What You Want


25    The Future Speaks

15    Lightworker to the New Human

6      Trust in the Ochestration of Life


25    Cultivate Living as Expansive, Formless Energy

12    Wanna Lighten Up?  Get Your Groove On

6      Meet the Infinite You - Your True Nature


18    The Womb of Creation is at Hand: Unity Emerges

8      Participate in the Light Coming!  Qualities of the New Earth

1      It's July!  Here are the Keys to Your New Porsche


23    The Holographic Reality of the New Earth is Within You

21    The Mirror of Enthusiasm

7      The Call: Your Blueprint is Vibrating You Into Being, Are You Listening?


27    Summoning the Family of Light: Allowing Your DNA to Remember Itself

20    Skillful Ways to Orient and Understand Dimensions

15    Open to the Multidimensional: Experience Yourself as Source

8      Becoming the 3 Keys to Ascension


27    Planetary Movement has Coalsced: Don't Miss Out on the Fun

22    The Separation has Begun: Passing through the Energetic Gateway

15    Challenges of the New Human

6      Musings on the April Energies: Kindler and Gentler

5      Adventures of the New Human.  Iterations of Release: Giving Over Authority to the Soul


25    The Benefits of Alignment and the New Energies

19    The Emergence of Beauty

17    3:3:3 Invitation to Connect

13    Dimensional Ascension is Underway: Moving through Time and Space to You

11    Your "Survival Kit" for the Ascension Journey


26    The Time for Doing Things Alone is Over: the Reunion has Begun!

20    Tired of Ascension Symptoms?  Here's a Love-filled Embrace

17    Be Love.  New Earth Energies are Calling to You

11    Clues Your Are in a Different Dimension.  Choose What Rules Apply to You.

8      Getting Started: the Energy of the New Earth

5      Wondering Who You Really Are?  You Are Becoming Your Own Guide Home.

1      Emergence of the New Invites Letting Go


31    You Are Doing the Work of the Ages

28    The Imperative of Unity Consciousness

26    Come!  the Energies of the New Earth are Amassing!

25    A Powerful Time for Participation: A Guide for Those Who Heal and Guide Others

18    The Gathering of Love Energies



17    An Invitation to Open Up to Your Own Energies


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