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My name is Ailia Mira. I am a conscious channel, writer, teacher and artist.

I experience life multidimensionally and feel, consistently, the profound well-being of All That Is. Being multidimensional, to me, means I understand myself both in this focus as Ailia and have an inner knowing of my own connection, and Oneness with All Life.

This expand sense of self, knowing I am eternal consciousness expressing as me, empowers me. Because this knowing comes from within, I trust it. It’s steady, reliable, and unwavering.

I know the value of this inner knowing first hand: with it, Life opens, expands and elevates. One of my great joys in life is to provide experiences that support others in discovering their own innate connection with All Life.

Some people might think of this as living spiritually. For others this is the territory of religion. I tend to use neither label, experiencing multidimensionality as simply the natural, normal, practical way it feels right to live and shape my life. I think everything is spiritual! All life is spirit, or Life, expressing in different ways. Oneness playing out in a infinite variety of forms, realms and expressions.


Our work offers pathways for you to explore your own relationship with Life.

We teach and demonstrate skillful ways to live in harmony with the universal principles at play on Earth. We know that becoming more capable in this way is fun, allows you to create the life you want and be yourself - with naturalness, a profound awareness of your implicate value, and oodles of that delicious feeling: ease.

One of the most wonderful experiences is to tap into your innate ability to communicate with All That Is, and your own higher self. You can become facile in shifting your consciousness to access different streams or fields of awareness within your own wholeness. I live in conscious connection with the seen and the unseen aspects of Life. I am aware of my own vaster wholeness and I have human friends and non-physical friends. I communicate consciously and daily, with both!

Because I live this way, I experience clarity, connection and tremendous support. There is a deep peace and steady feeling of joy when you live in harmony with who you truly are. Being aware of your own non-physical affinities, is liberating and empowering.

You can read more about the fields I tend to communicate with here. I often translate the energy I receive in this experience into words (spoken or written) and these translations contain energetic communication along with the and symbolic/language-based communication. I am also skilled in remote energy transmissions, which support coherent presence and the expression/experience of wholeness.

I share what I experience as truth, here, and in the programs and coaching experiences made available through Expect Wonderful. I invite you in experiencing this work, to bring your own discernment to this (and all you encounter in life). I/We (my non-physical friends) see you as sovereign, capable, significant and with your own innate and directly access to truth and knowing. Our intention is that what we share here will inspire and support you, in living with access to your vaster self and feel confident and happy as you continually evolve your experience.

Although channeling may be new to you, most of us tap into and even deliberately create states of consciousness because we like what happens and what we can feel and experience in different states of being. Learning to meditate, expressing ourselves in a creative flow, allowing inspiration are trusting our intuition all function from the same structures in consciousness that are leveraged in channeling. Each are ways of experiencing the vast, unseen energies of life, for the pleasure or benefit doing so brings to our lives. Whether you think of this as spiritual, psychic, religious, or use other labels is up to you. Believing in and connecting with non-physical energies - the divine, God, All That Is, Creation, etc - is part of many traditions and paths. What we share here expresses these modes of being in a non-dogmatic way, that is in sync with non-dualism.

I view the experience of living multidimensionally - sensing subtle and invisible energies as part of my daily life - as natural and normal. I use my consciousness deliberately so I can feel good and create the life I want to experience. The experience of living this way, for me, is one of ease, abundance, clarity, peace, a deep sense of connection and support as well as inspiration and flow. I have abundant energy and physical well being, which I attribute to these spacious states of consciousness and the alignment that allows me to flow them into my experience.

We (me and my non-physical friends), offer programs in: discovering and reconnecting with who you truly are; learning about the primacy of consciousness and how to live your life grounded in universal principles. We also bring this orientation to programs focused on empowered creativity and self-expression, solopreneurship and the art of creating meaningful work, and support those interested in learning to communicate and channel their own higher selves and other non-physical/non-local energy fields.

Learning you can consciously channel is a powerful path that allows everything in your life to start to work at an entirely different level. In channeling, you tap your natural ability to directly access everything you need and discover the profound love and support there for you. We support not just learning to channel, but creating and developing a regular conscious channeling practice. I also mentor those who wish to create professional work based on their channeling.

All of the pathways we share provide practical, proven ways to open up and expand your experience. You have immense untapped capacity for ease, joy, alignment, living in higher states of consciousness, and to feel powerful and free. I know this about you! These experiences become natural as do the ever-expanding manifestations that demonstrate these shifts in awareness and lifestyle, when you reclaim your relationship to all that you are.

As you explore, experiment, play and notice what works for you, you deepen your relationship to All Life. Cultivating states of inner harmony you learn to trust yourself.

Living multidimensionally, in tune with who you really are, is a wonderful way to know life, and ultimately, to love life, yourself and All That Is, unconditionally creating your experience.

If this interests or calls to you - we’d love to have you join us! You can start where you are and begin with what feels natural and open within you. At every moment there is an opportunity for expanding connection, embracing the expression that calls to you, making mindful choices and beginning to reconnect yourself to the vastness of your being, more and more fully.

Just begin. We’re happy to show you ideas for how…

With love,

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