I enjoy fresh air, beauty, creativity, freedom, playfulness and ease.

I am confident in my ability to shape my life like that, now and to recreate it continually, as my desires evolve. All of us can experience that kind of capacity for creating our lives to our liking. Not everyone will be willing to experiment and learn how to access their innate capacities in consciousness, but for those who are, it can be life changing and so much fun! - Ailia Mira

My name is Ailia Mira.

I live in sunny Los Angeles, California where I write, read, teach, and enjoy immense amounts of fresh air & Sunshine.

Because that's what feels right to me, right now. For me, creativity and being true to what gives us joy is what it's all about.

I know that you can have an ever-expanding experience of inner knowing, capacity to create and joy! I know first hand that this is more than an idea. I'm living an amazingly free, fun, abundant, empowered and authentic life. You can do this too.

I feel capable. I have a steady inner knowing that I am eternal, powerful, perpetually creative and absolutely free. I am here for the joy of it. I feel entirely at liberty to make the most of being here. I understand that I am (and everything is) energy and I get how to work with that. I also know that me being me, fully and freely, is how I contribute the best I am, to the world we share. I invite you to do the same. Choosing that path is powerful and joyful. I'm convinced it's how we thrive.

As a conscious channel I work primarily with Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light.  I recently began to work with Hermes, which is new and very fun. I love to channel and I view my whole life as an opportunity to "channel the soul that I am, while embodied." 

I am perpetually exploring what works here. I want to know how to make the most of life. In essence, the timeless question of "how to live well," drives me. I want to be as capable as possible in shaping my experience.

living the life We want, with ease is possible when we know who we are, and how it works here.

To live here, on Earth, and have a life that satisfies you is an amazing thing. The ability to shape that, create that, bring that version of your ever changing, even better life into being, year after year, WITH EASE, is only possible if you know how it all works here and who you truly are.

What's empowers me is a foundation of realizing and integrating the clarity that everything is energy in vibration and I am creating my personal experience of life, through how I use my attention. I am consciousness, eternal consciousness, embodied here, and translating vibration into what I know as my experience. I create my energy moment to moment by how I use my focus. I am absolutely free in that my focus is mine and mine alone. No one can create my life, or my energy, but me. My energy state connects me to what I know as my moment to moment experience.

Making that work for me? That's my aim each day. 

How to do this? How to become capable in the practical ways of understanding how it all works, who you truly are and living that, with ease and while having fun, while being true to you? That is the intention of all we do here. 

The Good Life

This is Lily, my border collie, she's part of my good life. A good life is a self-defined thing - for each of us this is different and it also evolves over time.

Knowing how it works here and who I truly am, and the practical ways to live that, make it possible for me to create my version of a good life and then an even better life, over and over and over.

Although the idea that everything is energy in vibration might feel abstract, the living of that clarity is pretty grounded and simple. You learn how to use your feelings to know what your energy state is. Feelings have a frequency and always indicate the state of alignment we're in. You learn to orient differently and interpret your experiences differently.

Alignment? Yes. Alignment with who we truly are - the eternal soul that is our Source. You know what alignment feels like - when we're in alignment we feel to ourselves and others, sincere, true to form. Real. Things feel right.

When we're in alignment the inspiration to express who we truly are, comes to us. We receive it. We receive ideas, knowing, insight, clarity, a sense to move, act, go here, do this. All of that is the eternal soul we are, making clarity and an awesome sense of timing clear to us, in our awareness. This experience of clarity happens because we're in alignment. We're allowing that inspired knowing to happen, to come into our awareness because we're in alignment.


Detail of a drawing.

Detail of a drawing.


It's an awesome feeling and it really can be your life. An everyday thing, feeling that way - feeling that you're in your element. That you're supported, loved and that life, your life, can be all about you, and what you love. The people you love. The places you love to be. The way you love feeling. The way you want your environment to look, the things you want to have, the experiences you want to experience, the insights and understanding you crave, the ways of being that give you joy.

You can unleash all of those things from limited, transactional ideas of how they come about, meaning you don't have to "do this, to get that." Most people don't know how to do that. You may not know how to do that, but I can tell you, you can learn. It's fun, natural and it makes sense once you understand it.

You can choose the what you do and what your experience is, and all the components of that, a la carte. Meaning, such that you're not doing things you don't enjoy and aren't fulfilling, because you think you have to do them to get what you want. They're not the only path to what you want. There are many.


This is the liberation of the real you we're talking about here.

The reason I'm explaining all this is this is how I live.

So to know me is to understand I do what feels right to me. Period. I follow my spirit, you might say. And guess what? It works. It works!! 

Pasadena Walk

What I love, right now and so, what my life is like, right now: 

Waking up without an alarm. Spending some time in bed playing with my cats who are there when I wake up. Saying hello to Lily who jumps up too.

Washing my face in cool water. Putting on lotion and my shoes. Taking a walk. Fresh air and sunshine. Feeding us all. Making food I love and enjoying it. Then I drink coffee and write. Create my momentum. Get in sync. Feel good. Feel into what appeals to me. Create. My mornings are totally unscheduled almost all the time. 

Most days I take start with a very long walk in a beautiful city under huge oaks and palms and eucalyptus and the occasional redwood tree. I love trees. I love being under big trees and looking up at the clear California sky and the San Gabriel Mountains. I love the beautiful gardens in my neighborhood, the bookshops and cafes, the art museums and public gardens. I savor where I live and the people here. I also do yoga. I love that too.

I paint. Draw. Make collages and small illustrations. I have a beautiful studio in my home, with big plants and large windows. I listen to music and compose with liquid color - it makes me crazy-happy. Sometimes I like naps. I like to visit with friends and go to movies. I hang out with other entrepreneurs and share ideas and celebrate our wins. I chat on the phone. I love to read and I often read on my patio. I watch Outlander reruns and read the NY Times. I buy flowers for my house and save pictures with ideas to redecorate my bedroom. I make designs for jewelry and wonder if I'm going to become a jeweler, too. I sleep long and deep. I pay my bills on time, I fund next month well before it begins and money and I are good friends. I spend time on Facebook and enjoy Instagram a bit. I eat peanut butter every day and often pancakes for lunch. I feel powerful and free. I love it here. 

I meet the best people. It feels to me that my neighbors, the manager where I live, my hair dresser, the person taking care of my car, my dentist, my friends - it feels to me that everyone is happy to see me and happy to do all they can for me. That's how my life feels. I open my inbox to loving, playful, thank you notes, funny stories of what someone manifested during the Soar Fest and email notifications of payments/purchases. It's a wonderful feeling to share my gifts and find they serve others too. But of course that's how it works. I share my work with a global community of people, many of whom I know well. I've met some in person and others have had sessions and been in small group programs so I get to know them better. I feel connected, supported and inspired and when I don't feel that way about someone who pops into my orbit I don't pay much attention to it and guess what? No big deal.  It's all energy and what show up reflects the energy I make real and important. I know this and I shape what is coming to me. I'm getting better at it all the time. I'm also getting more and more ideas for what I want next and I love receiving ideas and activating them further with my attention to them.

It's heavenly to live like this.

Yes there are days I get off track. Yes I sometimes complain, freak out and pay attention to things that I don't like and my mood tanks. Often that happens when I'm tired, or when I started off the day reading the news instead of setting the tone. Oy. All of this helps me know more what matters to me and when I feel like it's easy, I turn my attention to that. If it's not easy? I chill I distract myself with something fun, like Downton Abbey, or a walk. It's rich to live this way. It's rich to feel empowered and free.

It is an amazing time to learn how powerful you are and then to start leveraging it deliberately. You can learn how and be with others who share in the fun.

To me, our lives are all about our capacity to express. Your capacity to express is yours and yours alone. No one else can create your life experience or change it. But you can. YOU CAN. And if you're not sure how to make that real, I am can show you how. You can learn how it works here (meaning- on Earth, in a body). It's all happening on an energetic level. You can learn to understand that and then live in ways that make that work for you. It's simple, and liberating, and endlessly fun, and I LOVE sharing in that conversation. That's what this work and the mindset, really of Expect Wonderful, is all about.

Thank you for taking the time to connect. If you want to continue to explore these kinds of ideas, if you'd like to empower your version of the good life, then you might sign up for my newsletter. I share weekly and will also invite you to events and programs based on all of this stuff. And if you come, and we connect, you will enrich my life even more! And if this all feels good to you, reading it, then we're most likely, very much in sync. But of course we are - you're HERE. I would love to be part of your life, too.



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