Discover, Multidimensional Living

Learn and play in a practice community for Deliberate Creators. Get individual coaching to tap up your game. Participate skillfully in the Conscious, Multidimensional Evolution of vibration for a Life of immense success, ease, joy and radiant well-being.


My name is Ailia Mira. I am a conscious channel, author and teacher. In this work, I co-create with non-physical fields such as Archangels Michael and Raphael, Infinite Intelligence, the Council of Radiant Light and Hermes. 

As a conscious channel I receive transmissions of energy and information and translate the vibration of that communication into forms that can be received, revisited, enjoyed and leveraged - mostly written and spoken word. You can use the energy to tune your vibration and the communication to expand your mastery in shaping life with know-how, grace and ease!

Expect Wonderful is our platform for sharing these transmissions. They're available as written and audio experiences, live events, remote energy work, individual private coaching & mentoring programs and online group courses and retreats.


In all we share, we invite you to discover the possibilities for even more.

More what? More of whatever it is, that right now, matters to YOU.


We share this work in ways that are most fun for us and that can bypass your existing patterns of limitation or lack and open you to new awareness within yourself. We show you how to teach yourself from your own experiences that you are, and can consciously, skillfully, collaborate with the expansiveness of your own Source.  

The energy of All That Is, is who we truly are. Each of us are expressions of this vastness of being; the Oneness That Is. This morning as I channeled for myself I was yet again, blown away by the enthusiasm of our non-physical friends. I experience them as "busting at the seams," to guide us into more fun by helping us recognize and learn to trust the path of least resistance (the easy way) into the life we want to live.

I invite you to consider what is vividly real to me: All That Is, is constantly aware of you, and available to you as knowing, as guidance, as an adoring inner cheerleader that you can tune to and use to navigate your experience.

You can learn to feel this yourself, and experience the confident sure-footedness, support and immense well-being that comes from allowing yourself to be adored, supported, loved and continually guided.

No matter what is happening for you in life now, it can shift, flow, open up, expand and you can feel better and better and better - more pleased, more happy, more alive, more abundant, more love and joy. More of anything you want to be, do or have!

Life is innately a collaborative experience between our non-physical energy source and each of us; distinct aspects of that wholeness who give rise to new creations. Expansion is the driving force in Life. We create vibrationally and what we create begins to evolve toward manifestation. Thoughts are essentially energy in vibrational form. As we move through the day, a series of vibrations emanate from us as our preferences and which is amplified by All That Is. This is how All life expands and evolves. 

The energy that creates EVERYTHING, amplifies everything we emanate as our preferences. Law of Attraction determines what we experience in our lives. We are the creators and ideally, the realizers, the experiencers, of our own creations.

In the words of Infinite Intelligence:

You can learn to live from the insights of your own vaster consciousness - the Source of your being. You can learn to discern truth and wisdom that is whole and coherent, that will benefit you and allow you to intentionally change what you experience as Life. You can learn to consciously collaborate with Infinite Intelligence in expanding Life. You can discover how to accurately interpret your experiences; new ways of relating to feelings, to challenges. We can show you ways of living that will empower you beyond any and all limitations you currently think you have!

All of this is natural and yours to claim. You have the tools within you already, but most of you have never been taught how to skillfully and consciously leverage the vibrational foundation of your life. We are here to assist you in discovering first hand, more powerful, fun and easy ways to live your lives.

You can experience more energy, physical well being, clarity, strength, confidence, financial abundance, more of anything that matters to you. What we're offering here are pathways to confident mastery in living your life. 

It is our great joy to co-create with those of you who are calling forth the vaster perspectives of your own wholeness to empower your lives here. Think of us as your personal allies in leveraging Universal Principles such as Oneness and the Law of Attraction so you can have more of what you want in life. We love to play our part and can think of nothing we'd rather do, than co-create with you.

We expect wonderful, in all ways, but especially in this wonderful co-creation. 

Interested? Let's begin.