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Beloved - embrace your desires.

All of life is One. A singular, vast, eternal field of infinite, intelligent consciousness.

You, are a perfect expression of that unified energy, embodied here. Your desires and the fulfillment of them, exist as a wholeness, a coherent, self-sustaining energy system.

There is an expression of life that wants to flow through you, be here as you. It is your authentic energy seeking further expression through embodiment. You get a sense of how this expression can take shape now (in the present) through what you know as desire. Vision. Moments of insight and knowing how your life could even better.

Desires are real and they matter - they're helping you see the possibilities for your life and for what path can fulfill you.

Your relationship to your desires might be complicated. They might be "only visions," or they might feel like impossible dreams, ridiculously out of reach, or endless challenging and disappointing. 

As a result of how life works here, most people have mixed energy in relationship to the life they want, and their desires. Desires feel delicious when you first receive them, sense the potential for joy in them and when you feel, believe and imagine they're possible. If you've tried to make them real, and failed, or not yet succeeded, or even had that experience more than once, and yes, this can go on for years, and not just for you. What then? Then, desires can feel excruciatingly painful, fill you with sadness, longing, and a profound sense of lack.

When what you want feels out of reach, or as if it might be too late to get it together, human beings often settle. Not knowing what else to do. 

And still, the desires linger. It's hard when this is your experience.

There are other options. Your desires are continuing to show up, reminding you that...


What if the persistent presence of your desires was also an indication of their nearness?

The understanding that all of life is energy and you are consciousness has radical implications for how you live and what is available to you.

Desires are indications of what is available to you and yet knowing how to unfold them into form, into experience is a skill that most of us never learn.

Your capacity to live that even better, or awesome version of your life is actually closer to you than you might realize. You can learn new ways of understanding life, accurately interpreting experiences and using your consciousness that are game changing. This is not pie in the sky woo-woo talk, this is real.

You can tap into clear understandings and practical insights into the nature of life on Earth that can empower you to live a life you love, now.  Confidently. Capably. Freely. With ease & Joy.

My name is Ailia Mira. I help people embrace their desires, expand their capacity to live here skillfully and create the life that calls to them. There is a vastness that is you that wants to express here and fulfill you. You can learn to live here cooperating with that energy and letting your life become all you sense it could be. And MORE.

Expect Wonderful was founded in 2010 to support and inspire you to realign with who you truly are and live a joyful, expansive life. We have a global, long-standing audience that co-create together month after month. We offer regular programs focused on applying Universal Principles based on the primacy of consciousness, to experience a life of expanded capacity, sovereignty and unconditional happiness.

Everything shared here is focused on reminding you of who you truly are, and the way life works on Earth so that you can soar. Thriving can be reliable, real and continually expanding as your experience. We do it because it's fun and it's who we are. This is our joy. We invite you to use a similar criteria for your own life - rediscover the real you and base your life on that. 

It is with tremendous enthusiasm and powerful expectation that we offer these experiences and invite you to know life the way you meant to know it when you came here.