Within you, is your own direct connection with All Life.

In every moment, you can know what is going to work for you. What will get you where you want to be. What will bring what you want to you. What choice(s) will feel good. What’s next.

You have inner knowing. You may have ignored it, or tend to doubt it, but it’s there. You can learn to perceive this, rely upon it and bring about an ever expanding experience of everything in life that you like having, being, doing, feeling, seeing tasting, touching, knowing…

You have absolute authority to create your life and inherent in your Creatorship, is an ability to know how to bring about what you’ve created.

This natural capacity is present because of how life is arranged; because of how energy takes form, how aliveness flows and evolves and because everything is consciousness and arises through creative focus.

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Hi, I’m Ailia. I am an author, artist, conscious channel, and mindset mentor/coach. Together with my non-physical friends we offer practical guidance and pathways so you can rediscover how life works and use your natural abilities in consciousness to create the life you want to live, with ease and while having fun.

The insight, vision and support of expanded consciousness is real and available to each of us directly, clearly and reliably. Learning to live from inner knowing and to trust your own perceptions of truth is a game-changing skill; empowering not just a better life, but more naturalness, ease, abundance and vitality.

Ready to learn more and expand your possibilities?

No matter where you are now, or what the past has been like, what you want is available to you. You have the power within you to use consciousness to create, to perceive what you want, to alter your experience of reality and change things dramatically.

Once you master this, you can have fun doing it over and over again.

And that, dear friends, is the point of being here: perpetual, endless creativity and joy!

Interested? Let's begin.

Rediscover your innate access to power, wholeness and all the good stuff.